Rathlin Island Cemetery Inscriptions

Cemetery located  at St. Thomas Churchyard (CE) at Rathlin Island, Northern Ireland
Includes members of St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church

Copied 06 September 1993  by Patricia (McCurdy) Townsend

1.  Here erected by John Weir of Kinkeal 
in memory of his father Alex r who
departed this life 8 Nov 1840 aged 66 years
Also his son James who departed this life
22 May 1811 aged 24 years

2.  Here lies the body of Dan l Weir
who departed this life the 30th day
of May 1774 aged 64 years

3.  Miminisse
Eliza R. Browning the beloved wife of
Robert Easdale - drowned by the wreck
of the Cambria - cast ashore on this island
and interred here   age 29 yrs 8mos 6 days
“Her sun went down while it was yet day
but ---------- to live was -----

4.  In memoriam
Bridget Cecil  a loving wife and mother
died  11 Sept 1977  aged 64 yrs
and Douglas  a dear husband and father
died  5th May 1985

5.  Anderson  (stone fallen over, no other inscription showing)

6.  Sacred Heart of Jesus		(this stone is off its’ pedestal)  A small cross located
Have Mercy on the souls of		behind the large stone - IHS
Patrick Anderson
The Station  Rathlin Island
who died 9th Feb 1870
and his wife, Mary
who died 16 July 1870

7.  In loving memory of
Paddy Black  died 3rd Aug 1986 aged 80 yrs

8.  (a broken stone lying on top of the above grave)
Here lieth the body of
Daniel McCurdy of Clagin
who departed this life 2 Nov 1832 aged 69 years

9.  Pray for the soul of
John Black, Glacklugh
died 6th Jan 1920  aged 88 years
And his son, James Black
died 15th March 1919  aged 50 yrs
Also his grand daughter, Kate Black
died 4 March 1920  aged 22 yrs

10.  Erected by Daniel Black
in memory of his wife, Jane
who died 3rd October 1875 aged 60 years

11.  Here lieth the body of
John Black, late of Ballycarry
who departed this life the 3rd 
of December 1807 aged 57 years

11a.  In loving memory of a dear husband & father
Kevin Black, late of Clacklugh & Dublin
died 28th Jan 1990
On his soul sweet Jesus have mercy

11b.  an unmarked stone in this plot

11c.  The Burying Ground of
Arch d Morrison of Kincall
Here lieth the remains of Jane Morrison,
his wife, who departed this life the 
15th Dec 1827  aged 56 yrs
Also, Catherine Hunter, his daughter
who departed this life the 3rd day of
Nov 1830  aged 27 years

12.  Erected in fond memory of
John Anderson - Shandragh
drowned  11. 7. 1892 aged 67 yrs
His daughter, Mrs. McConnaghie
died 21. 5. 1895 aged 33 yrs
and of his son, James
died 21. 1. 1900  aged 33 yrs
Michael Anderson died 8th Sept 1968
aged 73 yrs
his wife Elizabeth
died 18 Sep 1991 aged 78 yrs
their dau  Annie died 19th Mar 1954 aged 4 yrs
13.  A wooden cross - R I P   (no other marking)

14.  OUIG
McFaul, Brendan
died 7 - 12 - 91

15.  Of your charity pray for the repose of the souls of
James Black of Ouig
who died 20th April 1874
his wife Ann Black
died 15th Jan 1881
Ellen McFaul
died 29 Dec 1903
her husband Alexander McFaul
died 4th Nov 1905

16.  Neil McKretrick’s  Burying Place

17.  James Horran’s Burying Ground
of Ogue  Here lyeth the body of
Susanna Horran who departed this life
the 15th of May 1812  aged 77 yrs

18.  A Sailor of the Great War
“Known unto God”

19.  J. J. Walton
Petty Officer 2nd Cl  RN 130152
13 January 1915

20.  Three Sailors of the Great War
13 January 1915
“Known unto God”

21.  Three Sailors of the Great War
13th January 1915
“Known unto God”

In loving memory of Dan
who died 31 July 1982 aged 87 yrs
and his daughter Mary Margaret
who died 23rd April 1946 aged 7 1/2 yrs
His wife, Tessie
who died 17 Aug 1990 aged 77 yrs

23.  Pray for the soul of
Daniel McCurdy  Glackaharan
who died 8th April 1913
and his wife Margaret McCurdy
who died 5th June 1952 aged 92 yrs
and son Daniel Francis
who died 18 Nov 1983 aged 82 yrs

24.  Patrick McCurdey’s Burying Ground		(this stone is lying on top of #23)
of South Kinraver
Here lieth the remains of his daughter Catrine
who departed this life 21 Sept 1807 aged 22 yrs

25.  In memory of ------ Cecil
Vincent  loving husband & father
drowned 21st Jan 1983  aged 41 yrs

26.  Here lieth the body of
Neal McCurdy who departed this life
Jul 24th 1779  aged 56 yrs

27.  Here lieth the body of 
Daniel McCurdy  late of Kilpatrick
who departed this life the
5th of May 1818  aged 63 yrs

28.  Erected by Charles McCurdy
to the memory of his father
Francis McCurdy  who died
10th Oct 1804  aged 42 yrs
Also John McCurdy  son of Dugal McCurdy
of Ballycarry  died 24th Dec 1808 aged 4 yrs
Peggy McCurdy  21 Feb 1829 aged 14 yrs
Nancy McCurdy  26 Feb 1835 aged 14 yrs

29.  Of your charity pray for the souls of		(also 4 unmarked stones in this plot)
Alex r Black  Kinraver
Also his wife Mary
and their son John
died 6th July 1934

30.  Erected by Dunkin Black 
in memory of his father, John
late of Middle bally ghaol
who departed this life
20th Jan 1837 aged 87 yrs
Also his mother, Mary
1st April 1840  aged 80 yrs

31.  Kelly  - Coolangrock			(there are 5 unmarked stones in this plot)
Margaret	18  3  25
Charlie	13  4  48
John		  1  8  57
David		  4  4  86

32.  unmarked stone

33.  unmarked stone

34.  This stone erected to the memory of
Arch d Christey, late of Cabbal Bay
by his son, Michael of Drumnahairan

35.  Erected by James McFall of Byan----
in memory of his daughter, Nancy McFall
died in May ----
Also his mother, Nancy McFall
died March 1811  aged 61 years

36.  In memory of
Sarah McQuilkin
died 2nd Oct 1968
Her husband Daniel
died 22 April 1976

37.  Erected to the memory of
John Wilkinson of Ballycarry
who died 27th Jan 1863  aged 72 yrs
Also his father Dan l
who died 22nd January 1849  aged 85 yrs

38.  Pray for the souls of
James McCouaig
died 16th Jan 1928
his wife  Mary Ann
died 6th Aug 1936
their son  Robert 
died 1st Feb 1942

39.  In loving memory of
Michael Alexander McQouaig
Mount Grand
died 21st Feb 1977  aged 86 yrs

40.  In loving memory of 
John McCouaig  - Carravindoon
died 1916  aged 75 yrs
Also his daughter Florence Smyth Park
died 17th Nov 1975 aged 86 yrs
and her son John 
died 4th Mar 1942  aged 16 yrs

41.  Here lieth the body of				(this ston lying on plot #40)
Neal McQuaig  who departed this life
March the 17  aged 74 - year 1799

42.  Erected by Laughlin McCurdy
in memory of his beloved wife
Mary McCurdy   Late of Belfast
who died 2nd Nov 1922 aged 56 yrs
The above named Laughlin McCurdy
who died 1948  aged 77 yrs
His daughter Mary (Lily) McCouaig
Mount Grand  who died
3rd July 1977  aged 76 years

43.  Here lieth the body of
Patrick Anderson  late of Balnavargan
who departed this life
June the 5th 1800 aged 30 yrs    (may be 50 yrs)
44.  In loving memory of
Margaret Mary Scott 
 beloved wife of John J. Scott
who died 7th Dec 1928  aged 28 yrs

45.  Hear lies the body of 
John Anderson  late of Kinkeel
who departed this life
Jan the 12th 1810  aged 87 yrs
Erected by his son Michael

46.  Here lyeth the body of
James mcMullan who departed this life
14th --- 1766 aged 3 yrs  son to
John McMullan -----------
from the County of Londonderry

47.  Here lieth the body of
John McQuig  late of Ouig
who departed this life
Feb 22, 1824  aged 38 yrs

48.  In memory of
James McCurdy
died 27 Aug 1951
his son Patrick
died 12th Jul 1930
Also his son Joseph
died 6th June 1945

49.  An appointed Burying Place for
Daniel McCarter of Ballyno and his family
Here lieth the body of the said
Daniel McCarter
who departed this life Sept 4th 1816  aged 79

50.  In loving memory of
John McCurdy
died 20 May 1938  aged 73 yrs
His wife Ellen 
died 12th Feb 1959  aged 78 yrs
their son James
died 14th March 1977

51.  S. P. McCurdy
Seaman Corps  LI SX 181806
12 April 1943  aged 24

52.  McCurdy  - Ouig
Alex  4 - 2 - 76

53.  Martin Horans Burying Place
Here lieth the body of his son
John Horan who departed this life in
July 1793  aged 3 quarters

54.  Sacred to the memory of
Letitia McCouaig  late of Ouig
who departed this life on the
23rd June 1871  aged 13 yrs
Neal  died 16 Aug 1942
his wife Josephine
died 24 Dec 1969

55.  Pray for the repose of the soul of
Tony  died 27 March 1984  aged 60 yrs

56.  Pray for the soul of
Neil McFaul
died 24th March 1964
His wife Mary
died 18 May 1992  aged 88 yrs

57.  McFaul
Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on the souls of
Daniel  who died 6th June 1948  	(may be 1940)
And his wife Mary Ann
who died 3rd May 1965
Also their sons
Dan who died 25 Jan 1973
and James who died 10 Dec 1976
and John Joseph who died 10 Dec 1976
and Charles Fulton who died 10 July 1983

58.  An appointed Burying Place for
Hugh McKague and family
Here lyeth the body of
Ann McKague who departed this life
6th of June 1811 aged 5 years

No longer in the cemetery but on a transcript located on Rathlin Island

Daniel McKinley’s Burying Place
of Cregmacagan
Here lieth his son Pat k
who died August 9, 1779 aged 18

Patricia McCurdy Townsend


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