Warning: This book was compiled prior to 1917 and published by the author. There are a great many errors in the book so be wary. There is no proof that the narrative is true. Some or all of it may be romanticized. Please do not use this book's information as a source. I am publishing it on my website as an interesting article on the McCurdy family. The book I have transcribed this material from had no copyright.


A concise history of John McCurdy of Ballyconnell and of Patrick McCurdy of Rathlin, Ireland and their descendants, including a history of their ancestry to Gilcrist Makuredy, a Scottish Chief, and to Robert II, King of Scotland.

Written and compiled by D. E. McCurdy Copied by Patricia (McCurdy) Townsend, Lubec, Maine 1994


To the members of the McCurdy family:

In presenting this history to the reader, I do so with the firm belief that the details herein given are true. To those who assisted me in this work, I sincerely express my gratitude, and to give them due credit for their assistance, I have had their names printed in this type throughout this volume.

These are people of honor, trustworthy and intelligence.

This volume is the result of more than ten years investigation, both in America and Ireland, and brings to light many branches of the family that otherwise could not have been discovered.

Beyond a few unavoidable omissions, this work is as complete in details as the present information will permit, as regards the descendants of Pethric, John and Daniel McCurdy to whom this work is dedicated.

I have ventured on these remarks because I thought it due to those who assisted me in making this history.

Sincerely, your kinsman,





The name Makuredy with others can be seen upon a document at the archives in Edinburgh, Scotland; this document comprise a general charter written in Latin, made by order of King James IV in 1503, when certain portions of the Crown lands in Bute Island was assigned to 78 feuars to become theirs and their heirs forever.

Numbering among these feuars were twelve MacKuredys. Burke, in his Landed Gentry says, "The McKirdys were the principal possessors of the island of Bute at a very early period; they belonged to the tribes who possessed the western islands of Scotland, long under the Crown of Sweden." Subsequently James IV, King of Scotland in 1489, leased the Crown property in Bute, which in 1503 was embodied in one general charter of the 30th Parliament, land assigned to the MacKuredys, Makarartys, McVarathy, Stewarts, etc, the greater portion being assigned to the MacKuredys, consisting of the following properties: 1. "To Gilkrist Makurerdy, half of Brothog and Beausayer, and the 22 shilling and three penny land of Baron." 2. "To Gilkrist Makurerdy, Jr., the eleven shillings and five penny land of Baron." 3. "To Finlay Makurerdy, half of Langilculcreith and half of Kerrymanch and half of Stramanan." 4. " To John Makurerdy, half of Stramanan and half of Danallid." 5. "To Donald Makurerdy, two-thirds of Brigadill and Langilculcathla." 6. "To Alexander Makuredy, half of Cowleing."

The most of the above properties descended to Robert Makurerdy, the Baron of Garratchy; his family line is given elsewhere in this history.

On the map of Scotland, BUTE Island in the Firth of Clyde is a very insignificant spot; but in the Gazetteer of the Eastern Continent we find: "Bute, an island of Scotland in the Firth of Clyde is about twelve miles long and an average five miles in breadth, comprising 29000 acres of rugged surface and is separated from the island of Arran by a narrow channel. The northern part is mountainous but yield good pasture; the rest of the island bear corn and other products. The air is healthy and the people live to great ages. The chief town is Rothsay."

Bute island before the Norwegian invasion in 808 were inhabited by a people called the Albanishe Tribes and who continued there throughout the 400 years of Norwegian occupation.

After the Western Islands became subject to Norway, they were governed by rulers sent from Norway with the title of Kings, having their seat of government in the Isle of Man. The last of these rulers over all the islands was King Olave, who was murdered by his nephews in 1154. His son Godred succeeded him.

Godred was opposed in his rule by his brother-in-law Somerled, Lord of Argyll, who had married Ranyhildes, the daughter of Olave.

Somerled raised a rebellion against Godred and after several indecisive battles, the latter ceded to Somerled in 1156 all the southern isles except the Isle of Man.

Somerled styled himself "Lord of the Isles" and a few years after he laid waste the Isle of Man and obtained the western islands.

In 1164, Somerled declared war against King Malcolm of Scotland and with a numerous fleet from the Isles sailed up the Clyde with 160 galleys, landed his army near Renfrew and threatened to make a conquest of Scotland. In the first battle, Somerled was slain and his army dispersed with many killed and wounded.

Reid says in the history of Bute, "Upon the death of Somerled, the kingdom of the Isles of Man reverted to Godred, whose descendants retained it until it was, long after, finally ceded to Scotland." Those portions however, which had been settled upon the sons of Somerled appears to have been claimed by them. Dugald received Mull, Coll, Tiree, and Jura. Reginald got Islay and Kintire; and Angus obtained Bute, while Arran seems to have been a bone of contention between the latter two and is supposed by Mr. Gregory to have been the occasion of the deadly battle between them in 1192, mentioned in the Chronicles of Man.

In 1210, Angus and his three sons were killed at Skye and Reginald is thought to have claimed both Bute and Arran as he then bestowed Bute, and perhaps Arran also upon Ruari or Roderick whose descendants were called Macruari.

Soon after the death of Angus, Walter Steward, the son and heir of the High Steward of Scotland, married Jane MacSomerled, a daughter of James, the son of Angus, and in her right claimed both the islands of Bute and Arran, but James finally ceded the islands to Scotland.

Throughout all these and former controversies, the Makurerdys retained their hold on the larger part of the island of Bute, and in 1489, James IV of Scotland leased it to them; but in 1503 was feued in one general charter of the 30th parliament as mentioned in the beginning of this history.

There is no certainty as to which family of Makurerdys descended from the families of McKirdys.

There are traditions existing in many families that the McKirdys descended from a chieftain named Gilkrist, who was supposed to have flourished about 1525; whether this was Gilkrist of Brothog, his son Gilkrist, or a son of one of the other Makurerdys mentioned in the general charter is unknown. Be that as it may, Gilkrist the chieftain had four sons: Gilkrist, Donald, Finlay and John.

Donald was the father of Donald Jr. and Alexander; the latter's son Robert was the father of Robert, the Baron of Garratchy, to whom most of the feued lands descended.

Robert married Jeanet Frazer by whom he had two sons and several daughters. William married but had no children. John married Grace McGregor and had several children, among whom was Alexander and John. Alexander died unmarried. John married Mary Elliott in London in 1801 and had five children: John C., Charles C., General David E., Mary and Susan who married Andrew Scott, Esquire.

At what time the name was changed to MacKirdy in this branch of the family is uncertain but probably by the Baron's grandson, John, who owned large estates in British Guiana about the beginning of the 19th century.

Robert, the Baron of Garratchy, and the last baron of the name and title was drowned about the middle of the 18th century in the Firth of Clyde, while returning from Ireland where he had been visiting relatives.

The Crown lands of Bute which the MacKirdys would have succeeded to in time was inherited by his widow but was taken from her by very unfair means: Lord Bute's factor, on some pretense or other, claimed for advances made during the Baron's life and obtained from the widow a right to manage her large estates, getting possession of her husband's books and papers which was never returned; from that time the MacKirdy properties has been held by Lord Bute's family as their own without any satisfactory account ever having been given.

The names of McCurdy, McCready, McCurry, McQuady and other similar names are generally believed to have descended from the MacKirdy stock as research in many cases have proven.

Burke in his Landed Gentry describes Gen. MacKirdy's Coat of Arms as follows: Perfesse arg, and sa, in chief a marlet of the second, and in base a fir tree growing out of a mount, surmounted by a sword bendway dexter, supporting by its point an antique crown or. Crest: a demi-wyvern displayed ppr. Motto: Dieu et mons pay.

Another MacKirdy Coat-of-Arms is recorded in Edinburgh representing a man standing in a field of wheat, shooting crows with bow and arrows; drawn up in the act of shooting, an arrow having just left the bow pierces two birds.

From data obtained from many members of the MacKirdy and McCurdy families in this and other countries, from general records in the historical libraries of Philadelphia, Washington, Boston, London and Edinburgh, a most authentic history of the generations given in this work has been accomplished.

Much of the historical data already given have been taken from Mrs. Evelyn McCurdy Salisbury's history.

As before stated, Donald Makurerdy was the son of Gilkrist and the father of Donald, Jr. and Alexander.

Donald, Jr. was probably born about 1550 and may be properly termed the "Founder of the MacKirdys" as he was the first, so far as known to contract the name from Makurerdy. Of his children we have no authentic account except of his son Fingal, who, with his father was killed in a battle with a Cameron clan in 1600. Fingal's son Donald became his heir.

Donald MacKirdy was born about 1598; he married Peggy Cameron, a great grand daughter of James IV; they had six sons: Irven; Pethric, Fingal, Daniel, Gilkrist and Alexander; of two of these sons, nothing is known.

In Cameron's Family Notes and Reminiscences, William Cameron, in a letter to his cousin in 1660 in regard to the persecuted Presbyterians says, "The inhabitants of the borders, being warriors by choice, husbandmen from necessity, either quitted the country or became shepherds. The elevation of religious sentiments began to decline but the familiarity and kindness which had long subsisted between the gentry and the peasantry cannot be obliterated. While visiting my cousin Peggy, who married Donald MacKirdy, a rural Presbyterian on the banks of the Clyde, they portraided in lively and delicate colours the fears and hopes that agitated the breast of the rural Presbyterians, etc."

In another letter he says, "Many family ties have been broken as to religious sentiments and many of the persecuted has turned persecutors. Of the six sons of Donald MacKirdy's, three has seceded from the Presbyterian Church but Alexander, Pethrick and Daniel remains loyal."

With the above evidence and certain traditions existing in many families, as extracts from the following letters shows, it is quite evident that Donald MacKirdy was the grandfather of the five MacKirdy brothers who settled in Ireland.

In 1907, James McKirdy of London, England writes, "My family descended from Alexander MacKirdy, who was born in 1630, the youngest of six sons; Pethrick died unmarried; Alexander located in Edinburgh and Daniel remained in Buteshire but there is a tradition that his sons fled into Ireland from religious persecution. Another tradition says that Alexander was the sixth in descent from a chief named Gilkrist."

In 1908, Samuel MacKirdy of Glasgow, Scotland writes, "I am descended from Gilkrist MacKirdy who was born in 1628; he married a Miss Balloch. It is claimed we are descended from the Camerons. Gilkrist had five brothers: Irven, Finlay, Daniel, Alexander and the other one's name is unknown."

John McKurdy of Melbourne, Australia writes, "From my grandfather's bible I find mention of six generations of MacKurdy's as follows: Alexander, born in Buteshire, Scotland in 1630, he had five brothers: Gilkrist, Irven, Daniel and Pethrick, the name of one is not given. Daniel, the son of Alexander, born in 1668, located in Argyleshire, Scotland and had several sons, one was Edward born in 1725, lived to be quite old, then married Betty Allbright; by her he had one son, Edward, who was my grandfather, born in 1774. His children was Alexander, my father, born in 1800; John, James, Peter, Fanny and Sally. Alexander married Mary Stewart and had three sons: John, Charles and Elbert. Elbert was killed in the Caffres War in South Africa in March 1878, he was only 40 years old. I was born in 1834 and married Mary Skelton. I have only two daughters: Edna and Rissie."

The above families undoubtedly descended from Alexander, the son of Donald MacKirdy.


Pethrick McCurdy was probably born about 1648. His father's name undoubtedly was Daniel, the son of Donald and Peggy MacKirdy.

At the time of the Scottish restoration when persecutions, hardships and cruelties prevailed against the Presbyterians, the MacKirdys, who were of this faith and branch would likely have become extinct had not Pethrick and his four brothers fled from Scotland. Wodrow tells us that in the spring of 1666 came the severest visitation of cruelties yet known and the Presbyterians arose in arms.

Wodrow says, "In the middle of November, 1666, occurred the rising; but all was against them, they were undisciplined, their horses were not trained, the royal army was powerful and soon scattered the rising forces; some was killed, many of the prisoners were executed and those of note who escaped were forfeited in life and fortune in absence."

In the latter part of November, 1666 the five MacKirdy brothers, Pethrick, David, William, John and Daniel escaped in an open boat and through a blinding snow storm sailed across the turbulent sea and after a dangerous voyage they sought shelter from the storm on one of the rocky islets near the north coast of Ireland, sailing on the third day to the mainland, they landed near the Giant's Causeway. After they located in Ireland they changed the spelling of their names to McCurdy. Pethrick located on a farm near Ballintoy in "The Cairne"; Daniel settled at Ahoghill; David went to Ringsend, County Derry; John went to Derry but later went to America and William died unmarried.

It is stated that David's issue were girls; this is undoubtedly true as all the McCurdys yet located trace their descent from Pethrick, John and Daniel.

Pethrick McCurdy married Margaret Stewart, a descendant of King Robert II of Scotland, also from Somerled mentioned in this history. Her father, Charles Stewart of Ballintoy, Ireland was the son of Ninian Stewart of Kilchattan and his wife Grizel; he was the son of Sir James Stewart, whose father was Sir Ninian of Nether Kilmory in 1532; his father was Sir Ninian who was born in 1469 and succeeded his father as Sheriff of Bute; he was made Castellan of Rothsay by James IV. Sir James was the son of Sir John Stewart who was born in 1360 and died in 1449; he was Sheriff of Bute; he married Janet Semple of Eliotstown. Sir John was the son of King Robert II.

Pethrick McCurdy had five sons: James, John, David, William and Daniel.

The above details are verified in a letter written by Mary McCurdy of Rathlin, Ireland in 1810 to her brother John, then residing on the Guinea Coast of Africa. A copy of this letter was sent by James McCurdy of Umbileesi, S. A., a grandson of the above John, in 1907, to be published in this history. His interesting letter is given in full.

Dear Sir,

Your letter reached me some time ago and I was glad to learn you are going to publish a history of the McCurdys. You wish to know about my ancestors. I shall be glad to have such a history, although the male line of my branch ends at my death, my children being girls.

I am now quite old, being past 77. My sister Frances is still living, unmarried and 74.

My brother John died a few years ago at the age of 69, was married but had no children.

I married Essabelle Craven my daughters are Frances, Mary and Cecil; my father's name was John, born at Rio Pongos, Guinea in 1805, two sisters was born at the same place, Margaret in 1807 and Cecelia in 1810. My mother's name was Susan Selkirk. My father died at the Cape of Good Hope in 1850. His father's name was John, born in Rathlin, Ireland in 1779; when but a young man, with his brother James, was in the Coast Guards of Ireland; in 1801 they was sent to the Cape of Good Hope thence to the island of Madeira which they took possession of July 30th. Part of the navy was sent to the mouth of the Sierra Leone river and garrisoned in the port of Rio Pongos. Here he left the service. In 1804 he married Lucy Francis of Rio Pongos.

His brother James remained in the navy for several years after but left it at Port Louis now called Mauritius. My great grandfather's name was John and his father's name was John.

I have a letter that was sent to grandfather by his sister, Mary, that will be interesting to you. I send copy in full.

Rathlin Ireland, 17 March 1810

My dear brother John,

I received your message a few weeks ago and was glad to hear from you as we had thought you dead long ago; and we was more than surprised to hear that you had found a wife in Guinea and have two children.

I can hardly tell you the news as many of the old people are dead since you left but as you want to know about our forefathers to preserve for future generations, I will tell you all that I have learned from Uncle Neil, grandfather's brother, still living at the age of 81 years.

His father, Pethrick, was the eldest of six children: Pethrick, Daniel, Neil, Margaret, James and Cecelia. James married Polly Cook and went to America about 50 years ago. Daniel married Jeanet Jackson. Neil never married. He died two years ago at the age of 97.

Margaret died a few weeks ago at the good old age of 100. She was a grand old woman; I've often heard her tell how her grandparents was persecuted by the Episcopalians and other sects in Scotland and how her grandfather fled to Ireland with four brothers in a boat and the hardships they had crossing the Clyde. I also heard her talk of a visit she took with her nephew, Jackson McCurdy, to Ayr and there saw Robert Burns, then a young man of no note but afterwards became a famous poet.

Cecelia died in 1779 at the age of 85. Pathrick died in 1798 at the age of 98, he married his cousin Mary Laughlin. Uncle Neil says his grandfather was Daniel, the youngest of five brothers: James, David, William, John and Daniel. All these had children but William. David's children were girls. Daniel died in 1747 at the age of 70 years. His wife's name was Margaret Laughlin. Daniel's father's name was Pathrick, one of the five brothers who were refugees from Scotland.

Pathrick, John and Daniel was in the bloody battle of the Boyne in 1690. Some of them, with their families, were in the siege of Derry.

Uncle Neil's wife, Aunt Jane, died two years ago, she was the only daughter of Andrew McCurdy; he was a brother of John who married Aunt Lucretia; they were sons of James & Jerusha McCurdy. James had eight children: John, Elizabeth, Margaret, Daniel, Andrew, Mary, Robert and David. We don't know who they all married. Elizabeth married William Tomson; Margaret married William McGlade and Mary married James McClure. We don't know who Robert and David married. David went to America many years ago but was still living in 1806, he was then 99 years old. Andrew married Mary McGill and had three children: Samuel, Jane and Andrew, Jr. Samuel's son, Alexander married Peggy Weir. Andrew, Jr. married Bridget Donahue, their children are: John, Bridget, Alexander, Royedin and Daniel. John and Daniel are in America. Robert had several sons and daughters, his son John died about 25 years ago. His son David married and took his family to America many years ago. His son Robert also is in America. We know nothing of his daughters, only Sarah and Rose. Sarah married Robert McCurdy of Carnmore, he was a son of Daniel McCurdy and Sarah's first cousin. Rose married John Huey but we know nothing of their family.

Uncle Archy died five years ago at the age of 83. His son Archy died the same year. Archy's wife is also dead, their children, Mary, Lizzie and Neil are in America.

Uncle Daniel married Mary Butler, both are dead, leaving a large posterity.

Aunt Lucretia died last May at the age of 83. Uncle John died in 1798 at the age of 98. Their children were Archy, John and Daniel. Archy married Jeannet Gutherie of Ballyhelly, both are dead and their children have gone to America. Daniel married Sally Warner.

Uncle Neil is the last survivor of his father's family. His sons Archy and Daniel went to America and John died there. Archy lives in Boston.

Aunt Cecelia is still living and wishes to be remembered to you. Uncle John died three years ago at the age of 61 years.

We know nothing of Daniel the refugee's children, there were four sons: James, Thomas, Samuel and Daniel. Some located near Ahoghill and others in County Derry.

Part of this letter is corroborated by a letter from Mrs. Mary Burris of Belfast, Ireland in 1907, where she states, "My grand- father, Alexander McCurdy was the son of David, whose father Daniel McCurdy was the son of James, who married Jerusha Murray, said to be a cousin of the Earl of Mar. James was the son of Pethric McCurdy who came from Scotland with four brothers about the middle of the 17th century. Pethric McCurdy had three sons: James, John and Daniel. He located near Ballintoy.

Daniel McCurdy, my g. g. grandfather, married Rachel McGill. His brother Andrew married her sister, Mary. Daniel had three sons: Robert, Alexander and David. Alexander died young. Robert married his cousin, Sarah McCurdy. David married Grace Kennedy and they had five children: David, Alexander, Mary, Rachel and Cecelia. Mary and Cecelia died and David and Rachel went to America. Alexander married Cecelia Kennedy. Their only child, Mary, married my father, John Annesley. She was born in 1782. Three children were born to them: Mary, John and Richard. I was born in 1810 and married Richard Burris. I have three daughters, Mary, Cecelia and Lucinda. All are married and have families."

Mrs. Burris died in April, 1907 at the age of 97. From the above evidence with data received from many descendants of James and Daniel McCurdy, we are abe to sum up many branches of both families.


1. John McCurdy, the eldest son of James was born in Cavan Parish, County Antrim, Ireland in 1691. He married Lucretia, the daughter of Patrick McCurdy and John's second cousin. He located near Ballyconnel and there three sons were born: Archibald, John and Daniel. Archibald married Jeanet Gutherie of Ballyhelly. John married Elizabeth McBride. Daniel married Sarah Warren.

2. Elizabeth McCurdy was born about 1694. She married William Tomson. Their descendants are unknown.

3. Margaret McCurdy was born about 1696. She married William McGlade. Their descendants are unknown.

4. Daniel McCurdy was born near Bush's Mills, County Antrim, Ireland in 1698. He married Rachel McGill and located at Carnmore. He had three sons: Robert, David and Alexander.

5. Andrew McCurdy was born in 1702. He married Mary McGill, a sister of Rachel's, and they had three children: Samuel, Jane and Andrew, Jr.

6. Mary McCurdy was born about 1705. She married James McClure. Their descendants are unknown.

7. Robert McCurdy was born near Bush's Mills, County Antrim, Ireland about 1707. He married Mary Jane Moore. They had eight children: John; Sarah who married her cousin Robert McCurdy of Carnmore; Jane who married John Richmond; Rose who married John Huey; Agnes who married a Wallace; Elizabeth; Robert.

8. David McCurdy was born in Cavan Parish, County Antrim, Ireland in 1709. When a young man he came to America and located in Westmoreland County, PA, where he married Susan Madden. They had five sons: John, David, William, Robert and Samuel. William and David died unmarried.

At the beginning of the Revolutionary War, David, although having past his three score years, enlisted in the cause of freedom and fought through the war. His five sons were also in that war. David at that time was known as "a soldier and the father of soldiers." He was often with General Washington in his campaigns and once, while riding with him through that part of Pennsylvania then claimed by Virginia, they were attacked by Indians and had to ride for their lives.

After the war David located near Carlisle, PA. In 1787, he, with his son John's family, formed part of a colony that started to seek new homes in Georgia. They settled in Madison County and organized New Hope Church. David died there in 1833 at the extreme old age of 124 years.


Archibald's Branches

Archibald McCurdy, the eldest son of John and Lucretia, was born in 1713. He married Jeannet Gutherie and located at Ballyhelly. The number of children they had is not known but there were two named Alexander and Peggy. It is supposed that Rev. Alexander McCurdy who settled in Onslow, Nova Scotia was a son.

Robert McCurdy of Lynn, Mass., in a recent letter says, "Alexander McCurdy, my great grandfather came from Ballyhelly, Ireland with his sister Peggy. He settled in Onslow, Nova Scotia where he bought a large tract of land. We know nothing of Peggy after she came to Nova Scotia."

W. C. McCurdy of Grand Junction, Colorado writes, " The Alexander of Nova Scotia that is spoken of was my great grandfather. His son, Robert that married Susan Lynds was my grandfather. His only child, Alexander, was my father."

With data from other members of the family we sum up the following facts: Rev. Alexander McCurdy was born in Ballyhelly, Ireland in 1734 and died in 1808. Jennet, his wife was born in 1738 and died in 1800. They had eight children: William, born in 1765, died unmarried; James; Daniel; Margaret; Jeannet; Alexander; Robert; Jennet Gutherie.

James McCurdy, the second son of Rev. Alexander was born in 1766 married Agnes Archibald and they had fourteen children, as follows:

1. Jennet born in 1789 married John Kent and had nine children.

2. James M. born in 1791 married Margaret Miller and they had nine children. One son, Robert is a merchant in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia and John, another son, located in Dakota.

3. Sarah born in 1793 married Henry Cumminger and had six sons: Jesse; Alexander; John; Ebenezer; Samuel; one died in infancy.

4. Margaret born in 1795 married William McLane of Sherbrook, Nova Scotia and had nine children.

5. Alexander born in 1797 married Jennet Archibald and had nine children. Brenton H. McCurdy, one of his grandsons, lives in Boston.

6. Mary born in 1799 married Alexander Conkey. They had eight children: Nancy; Sarah; Harriet; James; Margaret; Israel; Catherine; Mary. All are living in Nova Scotia.

7. Isaac born in 1801 married Nancy Blanchard and they have seven children. Their sons, John and Augustus settled in Onslow. 8. Matthew born in 1804 married Eliza Archibald and had nine children, some of these died young. His son, Edward became a Presbyterian minister of New Glasgow, Nova Scotia.

9. Daniel born in 1806 married Sarah Archibald and had three children. Two died in infancy.

10. Rev. John born in 1808 married Catherine Thompson and settled in Chatham, New Brunswick. They had seven children. Two of these are Prof. James F. of the University of Toronto and Dr. John.

11. Hon. David born in 1810 married Mary Archibald and had nine children, two died in infancy. Hannah married Henry Blanchard, a barrister of Windsor, Nova Scotia and had three children. The other children of David's were: John; Georgina; Edward; William; Henry; Arthur. William married Bessie Kandick. Edward married Eliza Hart. Henry married Sarah McMillen. Arthur married Lucy O'Brien.

12. Agnes born in 1812 married Rev. William Fraser and settled in Ontario. They had five children: Rev. James B.; Rev. Douglas; Agnes; Harriet; Prof. William.

13. Rachel born in 1814 married Hugh Dickson, a farmer of Onslow and had nine children.

14. Harriet born in 1817 married Isaac Archibald and they had three children.

Daniel McCurdy the third son of Alexander was born in 1768, married Eunice Wright of Connecticut and they had eight children: Charles; Daniel; James; Olive; Jennet; Mary; Rebecca; Elizabeth. They all married and raised families except Mary and Elizabeth, who remained single. They all settled in Nova Scotia.

Margaret McCurdy born in 1770 died unmarried in 1801.

Jeannet McCurdy born in 1771 died in infancy.

Alexander McCurdy born in 1773. He went west and was never heard of after.

Robert McCurdy born in 1775 married Susan Lynds and had only one son, Alexander who was born in 1795 and died in 1842. He married Margaret Conkey who was born in 1802 and died in 1843. She was a sister of Alexander Conkey. Alexander and Margaret had ten children: Robert C.; Sarah A.; Mary J.; Susan L.; Alexander C.; Nancy M.; William C.; John W.; Olive; David L.

1. Robert C. McCurdy was born January 15, 1821, married Elizabeth Carter and has two children, George and Emma. George married Eliza Clark and has two sons, Luther and the other died in infancy. Emma married a Mr. Brown in New York City. She died leaving one daughter, Lillian who lives with her uncle George in Lynn, Massachusetts.

2. Sarah A. McCurdy born in 1822 married Ephraim Howard and had ten children. One of her daughters married ----- Webb and had twelve children. They live in Middleboro, Nova Scotia.

3. Mary J. McCurdy born in 1824 married David Montrose and they had seven children.

4. Susan L. McCurdy born in 1826 married Daniel Estes of Pownal, Maine and are still living in that place. They never had any children.

5. Alexander C. McCurdy born in 1829 married Sarah Montrose and had three daughters. He lives in Middleboro, Nova Scotia. His wife died in 1905.

6. Nancy M. McCurdy born in 1831 married Augustio Merrill of Lynn, Massachusetts. He died and she lives in Lynn. They never had any children.

7. William C. McCurdy born June 14, 1834 married Mary Ruth Brooks of Waterford, New York. She was a daughter of Benjamin and Mary (Walker) Brooks who came from Yorkshire, England in 1832. They had five children: Maud born August 28, 1867, died June 19, 1869; William F. born March 27, 1869, died August 21, 1888; George Harry born January 14, 1874; Susan May born January 6, 1877, died February 28, 1878; Mabel born January 2, 1880. Harry and Mabel are unmarried and still live with their parents in Grand Junction, Colorado.

8. John W. McCurdy born in 1836 married Lucretia Clark of Lynn, Massachusetts and they have two children: Roland G. married and lives in New York City; Bertha who is unmarried and lives in Lawrence, Kansas. Lucretia McCurdy died and John married again and has one son, Herbert. The family lives in Waltham, Mass.

9. Olive McCurdy born in 1838 died the following year.

10. David L. McCurdy born in 1840 married Esther Betts of Nova Scotia and had six children. Some are dead and their names are not given. Selden McCurdy, one of their sons, is a missionary and lives in Burma, India. Margaret and Catherine are still living with their parents in Waterville, Maine.

In concluding the history of descendants of Rev. Alexander McCurdy I wish to state that many other McCurdys living in Canada and the States, whose names could not be obtained, are also members of this branch of the family. Should I be fortunate enough to receive such missing data, the same will be published in a supplement to this history and sent to each subscriber free of charge.


John McCurdy, the second son of John and Lucretia was born at Ballyconnel, County Antrim, Ireland about 1720. He married Elizabeth McBride and they had several sons and probably daughters but only four has been ascertained, namely, David, Robert, John and Daniel. Mr. McCurdy came to America about 1752. He located in what was then known as Ontario County, New York but the exact location is unknown. In what year John and his wife died is unknown but it is supposed that they both died in Ontario County.

David McCurdy, the eldest son of John was born in County Antrim, Ireland in 1752. It is claimed he was in the New York line of the American Army and fought through the Revolutionary War. After the close of the war he went to the state of Maine where he located. He married Elizabeth Chandler who came to this country with her parents from Scotland. He lived in Maine for many years but late in life removed to New Brunswick. They had seven children born to them whose names were: John; James; Chandler; Jesse; Lucy; William; Alford.

Lucy McCurdy married a man whose name was Buckstaff but nothing is known of their children. No trace of any of the descendants of David's has yet been found except those of Chandler McCurdy's.

Chandler McCurdy was born in Maine August 12, 1812. He married Rachel Simpson of Augusta, Maine. They had nine children whose names were: George; Robert; Chandler; Jesse; Louisa; William; Daniel; John; Benjamin. No trace of any of their children has been found except those of Chandler's. It is supposed that some of their children and grandchildren are still located in Maine and New Brunswick.

Robert McCurdy, the second son of Chandler lived for many years in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and probably some of his children may be located there or in that vicinity.

Chandler McCurdy, Jr. was born in the Province of New Brunswick June 12, 1838. He married Deborah Z. Stewart. She was born in New Brunswick July 8, 1838. They had eight children: Walter Stewart; Eddie; Nettie; Annie; Lucy; Emma Stewart; Florence May; Eva Belle. Eddie was born in 1863. He died three days after birth. Nettie was born in 1865 and died January 11, 1896. She married William L. Bray and they had three children: Corinne born in 1891; Mamie born in 1894; and Nellie who died in childhood. Lucy McCurdy was born in 1868, married Lawrence M. Dickerson and has one daughter, Frances G. born in 1892. Emma Stewart McCurdy was born in 1871. She married Charles L. Stevens. William Stewart McCurdy was born in Oshkosh, Wisconsin December 13, 1876. On the 7th day of April 1907 he married Velma Prouty of St. Paul, Minnesota. They have no children. He is president of the William B. Joyce Company, Insurance Underwriters, and lives in St. Paul. (Note: He is called Walter Stewart above but it is copied as is from the photocopy of the book. PT) Florence M. McCurdy was born in 1882. She married Paul H. Bowman and has one daughter, Elizabeth, born in 1905. Eva Belle McCurdy was born in 1887 and is unmarried.

Should more of the descendants of David and Elizabeth (Chandler) McCurdy be located, their names will be published in a supplement to this history and sent free to each subscriber.


John McCurdy, the eldest son of John and Elizabeth (McBride) was born in County Antrim, Ireland about 1740. He came to this country with his parents when about twelve years old.

At the beginning of the Revolutionary War he enlisted in the New York line of the American Army and fought in many of the great battles of that war. He was with Washington on that memorable Christmas night when his army crossed the Delaware River through ice and surprised the Hessians at Trenton. He was wounded at the battle of Cowpens in 1781.

About 1762 he married Elizabeth McBride, a lady having the same name as his mother's but whether they were related is unknown. Their children were: John; David; Elizabeth; Abel. After John's death, which occurred in 1812, his widow married a Mr. Baldwin but they had no children.

John McCurdy's Family

John McCurdy, the eldest son of John and Elizabeth was born in Ontario County, New York in 1764. He married Mary Ann McGill and located near Camden, New Jersey. In 1804 removed to Monogahelia County, western Virginia where he bought a large tract of timber land. This he cleared and followed farming for many years and died there February 22, 1859. Eight children were born to them, namely: Lucretia; Benjamin; Hannah; Joseph; Moses; Rachel; Aaron; Jane.

The Eddy Family

Lucretia McCurdy was born in New Jersey July 22, 1812. She married Isaac Eddy of Marion County, western Virginia, but they located in Monroe County, Ohio where Isaac died. They had eleven children: Mahala; Alpheus; John; Joseph H.; Rachel; Mary; Moses; Nathaniel; Leander; Lucretia; one died in childhood.

In 1881 Lucretia went to Kansas with her son's family where she died in 1886 at the age of 84. Some years before her death she became totally blind but some time before she died she received her second eye-sight.

Mahala Eddy was born in 1823. She married James Seals and raised a large family, the most of them married and have large families. About 1868 they moved to Appenoose County, Iowa where many of their descendants still live. Among their children were: James; Jasper; William; Elizabeth.

Alpheus Eddy was born in 1824. He married Elizabeth Jeffries and they had eleven children as follows: 1. Cyrena Eddy was born in 1847. She married Michael McCoy and they had six children: a. Gilbert A. McCoy married Laura Turk by whom he had one daughter, Alice. Laura died and he then married Martha Richardson and they have two children: Cyrena and Guy F. b. Ida McCoy married Alfred Fry and has four children: Grace; Glenn; Clell; Alma. c. Ella McCoy married William Stevens and has three children: Harla; Grant; Thelma. d. Levina McCoy married William Eddy whose grandfather was a cousin to Isaac Eddy. They have three children: Milton; Howard; Mabel. e. Taylor McCoy married Grace Ellis. She died in 1905. They had no children. f. Elizabeth McCoy still lives with her parents in Appenoose County.

2. Jeffries Eddy was born in 1849. He married Delia Harris but has no children.

3. Isaac W. Eddy was born in 1851. He married Mary Ellis and has four children: Ross; William; Annie; Mattie.

4. Asberry A. Eddy was born in 1856. He is not married but still lives on the old homestead near Centerville, Iowa.

5. Elizabeth Eddy was born in 1861. She married Alvin Graham and has eight children: Charles; Laura; Blanche; Lina; Lawrence; Ruth; Homer; Lois.

6. John T. Eddy was born in 1864. He married Phoebe Maloney and has seven children: Carrie; Nellie; George; Frank; Harry; Ralph; May.

7. William Eddy was born in 1871. He married Martha Brown and has one daughter, Muriel.

All of the above families of Alpheus Eddy lives in Appenoose County, Iowa.

John McCurdy Eddy was born in 1826. He married but his only child died in infancy.

Joseph H. Eddy was born in 1827. He married Elizabeth A. Goudy and had one child.

Rachel Eddy was born in 1830. She married John Culverhouse who died in Monroe County, Ohio in 1908. They had three children: Mary; James; Forest. Mary married her second cousin, George McCurdy, the son of Azel McCurdy.

Mary Eddy was born in 1832. She married Stephen Gadd. She died, leaving one son.

Moses D. Eddy was born in 1834. He married Mary Grant and had one son.

Nathaniel H. Eddy was born August 23, 1838. He was raised on a farm in Monroe County, Ohio. But when a young man he engaged in the mercantile business which he followed many years. In 1881 he moved his family near Tescott, Kansas but in 1908 removed to Studley, Kansas. He married Margaret Nixon in Monroe County, Ohio in 1859 and they had eight children: a. Laura J. Eddy was born in 1861. She died in 1882. b. Martha L. Eddy was born in 1862. She married Rev. J. B. Gilmore but has no children. c. Isaac W. Eddy was born in 1863. He married Alta Jeffries and they have three children and live at Clark's Fork, Idaho. d. Sophia M. Eddy was born in 1866. She married Edward Treadwell and has four children. e. Frances N. Eddy was born in 1868. She is unmarried and is a teacher in the mute school at Boise, Idaho. f. John McCurdy Eddy was born in 1870. He married Elizabeth Dament. g. Clara V. Eddy was born in 1872. She married Charles Martin and lives in Menen, Idaho. h. Olivia O. Eddy was born in 1874. She married William Eutster and has one child. They live in Alva, Oklahoma. i. Lulu A. Eddy was born in 1876. She is unmarried and is a teacher in the state normal school in Alva, Oklahoma.

Leander Eddy was born in 1840. He married and has five children. All are living in Lawrence, Kansas.

Lucretia J. Eddy was born in 1842. She married John W. Fisher and located in Wood County, West Virginia. They had six children as follows: a. Isaac T. Fisher born 1865; died in 1907. b. Elizabeth E. Fisher born 1867; drowned on February 14, 1874 while attending school at laurel Run, Ohio. c. Jacob Fisher born 1869; unmarried. d. McCurdy S. Fisher born 1871; unmarried e. George O. Fisher born 1871; unmarried. f. Oliver O. Fisher born 1875; unmarried.

The Wilson Family

Hannah McCurdy, the second daughter of John and Mary (McGill) was born in Monogahela County, western Virginia, March 25, 1807. She died in 1896. She married Stephen Wilson of Marion County, western Virginia and there located. The had twelve children:

a. Mary Wilson born October 27, 1826. b. William H. Wilson born March 3, 1830. He lives near Amos, Marion County, West Virginia. c. Rebecca Wilson born February 27, 1832. She married a Mr. Mason and lives near Daybrook, West Virginia. d. Susan Wilson born September 17, 1834. e. Permelia Wilson born October 27, 1836. f. Edgar C. Wilson born October 2, 1838. He married and lives near Hazel Green, West Virginia. g. George W. Wilson born September 7, 1840. He enlisted in the army but after the war was never heard of. h. Alpheus Wilson born August 7, 1842. He married and lives near Daybrook, West Virginia. i. Fletcher B. Wilson born July 31, 1844. He married and lives near Daybrook, West Virginia. j. Enos P. Wilson born August 7, 1845. He died in the army in 1864. k. John L. Wilson born August 4, 1848. Deceased. l. One child died in infancy.

The living descendants of Stephen and Hannah Wilson numbers several hundreds and the most of them are located in Marion and Monogahela Counties, West Virginia.

The Wilson Family

Jane McCurdy, the youngest daughter of John and Mary (McGill) was born in 1823. She married Eli Wilson, a cousin of Stephen Wilson. They located in Richie County, West Virginia. They had seven children as follows:

a. Eber Wilson born 1850; married and raised a large family.

b. Armina Wilson born 1852. She married Erastus Flahearty and has a family.

c. Ache Wilson born 1854; married and has a family.

d. Arminta Wilson born 1856. She married William Dawson and lives in Calhoun County, West Virginia.

e. Van Cicero Wilson born 1858; married and has a family.

f. Artemish Wilson born 1860. She married Oliver Smith and lives near Smithville, West Virginia.

g. Allison B. Wilson born 1862. He married Alice Wilson and has five children: Clara; Bessie; Lettie; Belva; Mancil.

The Moore Family

Rachel McCurdy, the third daughter of John and Mary (McGill) was born in 1818. She married Joseph Moore of Marion County, western Virginia but located in Wood County. They had seven children as follows:

a. Lucretia J. Moore born 1845; died in childhood.

b. Ira C. Moore born 1847; married Rebecca Henry and raised a family.

c. Mary J. Moore born 1849; died young.

d. Nehemiah A. H. Moore born 1852; married Phoebe J. Vandervender and had one son, Edward, born in 1871.

e. Virginia A. Moore born 1854; married David P. Goudy; among their children are Sylvanus and Minnie.

f. John W. E. Moore born 1859; married Mary Cox and has several children.

g. Luczy C. Moore born 1861; married Lewis T. Denham and they had nine children: Flossie E. born 1884; died 1887. Laura A. born 1886; married R. N. Soles Lawrence born 1887 Lester A. born 1889 Lulu F. born 1893 Georgia born 1895; died 1896. Luczy R. born 1898 Ora and Dora, twins, born 1903; died same year. The family lives near Belleville, West Virginia.

Joseph McCurdy, the eldest son of John and Mary (McGill) was born in 1809. He died in Monroe County, Ohio while in young manhood.

Benjamin McCurdy's Family

Benjamin McCurdy, the second son of John & Mary (McGill) was born in 1811. He married Christena Eddy, the daughter of Azel and a sister of Isaac Eddy. She was born July 9, 1813 and died in 1833. They had six children: Azel; Hannah; Sarah; Isaac; Martha J.; Elsie.

Benjamin's second wife was Sarah Raver. By her he had four children: Franklin P.; Wise; James B.; Nancy.

Mr. McCurdy was a successful farmer and while living held many offices of trust in his county. McCurdysville (Center P. O.) in Marion County, West Virginia was named in his honor.

Azel McCurdy, his oldest son was born in 1835. He married Mary J. Fetty, the daughter of George and Mary (Kerns) and grand- daughter of George and Sarah (Brice) Fetty. She was born in 1836. They had eleven children: George F.; Elmer H. V. C.; Laurana L.; Benjamin F.; Ida J.; Cora B.; Olive R.; Baz; Martha M.; Azel, Jr.; Dock S.

Azel McCurdy, after he married, removed to Tyler County, western Virginia but several years after removed to Cabell County, West Virginia and located on Green Bottom where he followed farming for over thirty years. He also engaged in the merchantile business and established the McCurdy Post Office there. Not far from where he resided he bought a tract of 300 acres of timberland, had it cleared and moved on this farm. There he died. Mr. McCurdy was a member of the Christian Church in which faith he died. He was a philanthropist in every sense of the word and believed in doing good for evil. This trait in his character is best shown in the following incident:

A certain Mr. M. forged a not in his name for 100 dollars and drew the money from the Huntington, West Virginia Bank. When the note became due, Mr. McCurdy was notified but being ill at the time could not go to Huntington but in his anger he wrote the bank officials that he never signed any note nor gave M. any authority to sign his name, he mailed the letter.

That night, thinking of the predicament M.'s family would be in should M. be arrested, he regretted sending the letter. Next morning, being taken to the station, went to Huntington, paid the bill and dropped the matter.

A few years after this same M. forged his name to the second note and drew the money from the Gallipolis, Ohio bank but paid it off himself before it came due.

Azel's widow still lives in Cabell County. Their children:

1. George F. McCurdy, the eldest son, was born in 1855. He married his second cousin, Mary Culverhouse and they have four children: Frank B.; Forest E.; George C.; Charles M.

2. Elmer H. V. C. McCurdy was born in 1857. He married Nancy Stevens of Steubenville, Ohio and they have two children: Edward A. and John V. B. Elmer spent three years in Alaska and made a success in gold mining. He lives at Troy, Montana and also owns one-fourth interest in a gold mine near that place. Edward A., was born in 1879 and is married. John V. B., born in 1883 married Lula Jones of Columbus, Ohio and has three children: Mary, born 1892; Violet born 1894; Paul V. C. born 1900.

3. Laurana L. McCurdy, born 1859, married George Bowman but died in 1878 without issue.

4. Benjamin F. McCurdy, born in 1860, died in 1902.

5. Ida J. McCurdy was born 1863. She married J. L. Starkey and has two children: Lucy F. and Stella O. Lucy F., born 1882 married L. A. Rollyson and has one son, Aubrey E. Stella O., born 1889, married Orris Shriver and has one daughter, Agnes.

6. Cora Belle, born 1866 married F. M. Meadows. They had five children: Azel, born 1884; Austin, born 1885, died 1886; Bertha, born 1886; Kenneth, born 1887; McDonald. Azel married Fannie Bryan and has two children: Umberto and Thelma. Bertha married Edward Harris and has two children: Okey M. and Lola May.

7. Olive R. McCurdy was born in 1868. She married John H. Reed and had ten children: Lissa born 1886; Okey I. born 1888; Harry born 1890, the latter two are dead; John B. born 1892; Jesse G. born 1894; Myrtle B. born 1897; Azel born 1899; Harland born 1902; Rubie born 1904; Opal born 1907.

8. Baz McCurdy was born in 1870. He married Caroline A. Dickey and has two children: Okey I. and Mabel I.

9. Martha M. McCurdy was born in 1872. She married Bennet V. Curry and has seven children: May born 1890; Van C. born 1892; Ruey E. born 1893; Nannie U. born 1896; Mary J. born 1902; Hazel and Azel, twins, born 1905.

10. Azel McCurdy, Jr. was born in 1875. He married Sue E. Senseney and has two children. At the age of 13 he entered Marshall College and by persistent industry during mornings and evenings, on Saturdays and the vacation periods, worked his way through a three year course, graduating at the age of 16. He made a reputation for himself as well as gaining an education. And only a few weeks after graduating, entered the office of the County Clerk as deputy which he held many years, resigning a few years ago to accept the office of Deputy Sheriff. He has a personal acquaintance with more people in Huntington and Cabell County than any other man and no one is more familiar with the county records than he. He is a member of the Masonic Fraternity, K. of P., an Odd Fellow, a genial gentleman and his friends are legion.

11. Dock S. McCurdy was born in 1877. He married Caroline Dickey and they have two children.

Hannah McCurdy, the eldest daughter of Benjamin's, was born in 1837. She married John Musgrave of Marion County, West Virginia and they had several children, the most of whom located in Marion County.

Sarah McCurdy (d/o Benjamin) was born in 1839. She married Jonathan Eddy who located on a farm near McCurdysville where they yet reside. They had several children but their names are not given by my informant.

Isaac McCurdy (s/o Benjamin) was born December 17, 1845. In 1857, his mother being dead, he went to Tyler County to live with his brother Azel. When 18 years old he went to Monroe County, Ohio and engaged in farming but a few years after went into the merchantile business which he followed for thirty years. During this time he was Post Master, (Laings, Ohio) and Township Clerk for twenty years. In 1903 he was elected County Commissioner of Monroe County and re-elected in 1906. He married Elizabeth Straight who was born in 1844 and died in 1908. They had four children: George B. born in 1877 married Mary Stewart and has two children: Martha E. born 1904; George S. born 1906. Mattie E. born 1880 married Charles Norris and has two children: Harry O. born 1906; Mary E. born 1907. Adda V. born in 1882. Okey born in 1883. The latter two are unmarried and lives with their father.

Martha McCurdy (d/o Benjamin) was born in 1849. She married David Hibbs and had one son.

Elsie McCurdy (d/o Benjamin) was born in 1851. She married Joseph Bean and they have three children: Cora B.; Minnie; Martha J.

Franklin P. McCurdy, the eldest son of Benjamin by his second wife was born in 1854. He married Louisa J. Fogel and they had two sons: Arville E. born 1877; Harley E. born 1883. Both are yet unmarried and live with their mother in Buena Vista, Virginia. Franklin P. McCurdy died in Buena Vista in 1904. His widow married T. H. Keller.

Wise McCurdy (s/o Benjamin) was born in 1856. He was twice married but to whom is not stated. He had no children by his first wife. Children by his second wife is not given by my informant.

James B. McCurdy (s/o Benjamin) was born in 1859. He married but to whom is not stated.

Aaron McCurdy's Family

Aaron McCurdy, the youngest son of John and Mary (McGill) was born in Monogahela County, western Virginia on May 3, 1820. He attended the district school in its sessions and received a very fair education. At the age of 18 he drifted away from home and went to Harrison County, Ohio where he remained a year with his aunt, the widow of Abel McCurdy. In 1840 he went to Monroe County, Ohio where he worked on a farm for his brother-in-law, Isaac Eddy and remained until he married. In 1842 he married Rebecca Ann Kinkade, the daughter of David Kinkade of Monroe County. To this union twelve children were born: Christena; Charles W.; John V.; Mary J.; Anjemora; Sarah A.; William V. B.; Vinton V. B.; Ulysses G.; Elmer D. E.; Aaron D.; George W. In 1850 Mr. McCurdy moved his family to Wirt County, western Virginia and there located. In 1852 he cleared a few acres and moved thereon. The first year of the Civil War (1861-62) there was in that section of the state lawless bands of un-uniformed soldiers with pronounced sympathy for the Confederacy who were called Bushrangers. In the latter part of 1862 a band of these Bushrangers attacked Mr. McCurdy's home, he being absent at the time. his wife and children were turned out of doors and the Bushrangers looted the place. They left a warning for Mr. McCurdy to leave the country upon pain of death. Shortly after, another band attacked the house, again he was absent but they did not molest the family. Searching the house they quietly left leaving the same warning. Some days later taking his five children in a canoe down the Little Kanawha River, took them to safety in Parkersburgh where he left them and returned to his home only to find it in ashes. Being now without any resources whatever except a cow and a spinning wheel (the latter not being in the house when it burned) he took his family to Washington County, Ohio and there located.

After the war he sold his land in Wirt County to John Rathbone for $100 and a few years after this tract became very valuable from the fact that oil was discovered there and Burning Spring sprang into existence. It is well to state here the circumstances connected with the naming of this town. Soon after oil was discovered a large vat or tank was placed in the ground and into this the oil was turned. By accident this tank caught fire and exploded, the oil leaping to the river carrying sheets of flames many miles down the stream. From that time the village took the name of Burning Spring.

In 1862 Mr. McCurdy enlisted in the Union Army at Marietta, Ohio but three months later with 14 other men, was discharged as being unable for active service.

In 1865 he removed to Marietta where he followed gardening until within a few years of his death which occurred December 25, 1889. His life was one of peace and quietness. He was a very industrious man, honorable and a trustworthy neighbor, a kind husband and father. He was very attentive to his family and his home affairs, was very temperate in his habits, never indulging in strong drinks and strictly attended to his own business, was respected by all who knew him. He was not pretentious, what he promised he performed. His financial means was small but was enough to care for his family.

In politics he was at first a Whig, casting his first vote for Henry Clay in 1844. After that party was abolished he became a Republican and remained with that party until his death. In religion he was a Methodist having joined that denomination when but 18 years of age. A few years later becoming a local preacher he preached for many years. Before his death he prayed that the end would come to him while asleep and upon retiring each night would bid his family good-bye expecting to wake in heaven. On Christmas morning he was found dead in his bed. His wish was gratified. Death had come peacefully.

His wife died April 20, 1879 at the age of 54 years, a faithful and industrious wife, a loving mother and sincere Christian. Faithful in the saving powers of Christ she departed to join six children who had preceded her across the dark river to that Golden place whence none returns. Their children were as follows:

1. Christy Ann McCurdy born in 1843 living only a few months.

2. Mary Jane McCurdy born in Wirt County, western Virginia, December 13, 1845, died 1875. She married Logan Price of Washington County, Ohio and they had four children:


a. William A. S. Price born 1867, married Lizzie Simpson and lives at Cambridge, Ohio. b. Lillian S. Price born 1869, died unmarried. c. George A. Price born 1872, died the same year. d. Rebecca Jane Price born 1874, married Charles D. Warfield and has no children. They live in Marietta, Ohio.

3. Charles W. McCurdy born 1848, died in 1849.

4. Anjenora McCurdy born July 4, 1850 married Alexander B. Miller of Mount Vernon, Ohio by whom she had three children. After the death of Mr. Miller Anjenora married Samuel Connor of Jackson County, West Virginia but they have no children.

Miller a. Corydon A. Miller born 1870, married Jane Smith and has one son, Walter, born 1900. b. Minnie A. Miller born 1875 married Jacob Platt of Jackson County, West Virginia and had one child that died in infancy. Securing a divorce she married Daniel Winnings who died a few months later. They had no children. Her next husband was Daniel Echols, who, being addicted to drink, soon neglected her so she obtained employment with a highly respectable family of Parkersburgh with whom she has lived since 1906.

5. Sarah Ann McCurdy born in Wirt County, western Virginia, May 20, 1851 married Warren Starlin of Marietta, Ohio, the son of Ebenezer and Sarah (Smith) Starlin and grandson of Marvel and Eliza (Hunt) Starlin. They had seven children as follows:


a. Luly Luida Starlin born October 15, 1876, died may 11, 1903, married George Dearth and had one child, Elenore that died in infancy. b. Hattie Roena Starlin born June 5, 1878, died April 7, 1879. c. Harry D. Starlin born July 19, 1886 but lived only eight days. d. Mary Ardetta Starlin born February 1, 1883 married Edward Parsons and had four children: Clarence E. born August 24, 1900; Mabel B. born August 24, 1900; Elsie G. born September 23, 1903 and died April 26, 1904; Geneva A. born February 8, 1908. The family lives in Roseville, Ohio. e. Samuel Starlin born August 26, 1885, unmarried and lives with his parents. f. Warren Starlin born August 10, 1889 and lived but four days. g. Myrtle Starlin born November 21, 1893 lives with her parents in Roseville, Ohio.

6. William Van Buren McCurdy was born May 10, 1855. He married Melvina Dodd, the daughter of William and Ursula Dodd of Wood County, West Virginia. The had nine children as follows:

McCurdy a. Ida May born April 17, 1875; died in 1905. b. Charles E. born May 3, 1877. c. Frances Jane born December 20, 1879. d. John Garfield born December 2, 1881. e. Anna Belle born April 17, 1883. f. Margaret Maud born February 22, 1885. g. William George born May 14, 1890. h. Bessie born March 10, 1892. i. Tena Catherine born March 20, 1894. The family lives in South Dakota.

7. John Veloe McCurdy born August 10, 1857 lived but a few months.

8. Vinton Van Buren McCurdy born August 10, 1858, by occupation was a painter but later became a brakeman on the M. P. and C. R. R. in Ohio. In 1881 he went to Illinois and worked on the C. & R. I. R. R. for several years but became seriously injured by falling between the cars and nearly severing one leg from his body. When he became well that leg was three inches shorter than the other. Then the company gave him the position of Passenger Conductor which position he still holds.

9. Elmer Dellwood Ellsworth McCurdy, the writer of this history, was born April 10, 1863. As he grew up he became afflicted with nervous trouble which deprived him of attending school regularly, hence he received a very limited education. When about 18 years of age his physician advising a frequent change of scene as a remedy for his ailment, he associated himself with Lee's Ethescope Conbluation, going to Atlantic City thence through the south. In 1882 he became Stage Manager of the Gem Theaters in Baltimore and in 1888, of Winter's Summer Garden in Trenton, New Jersey. In the summer of 1884 he was Assistant Advance Agent of W. W. Wallace's Circus. Quitting this show business in the spring of 1885 he re-entered it again in 1888, touring with McCready's Stock Company through the east and Canada thence through the western and southern states.

On June 29, 1885 he married Rebecca Jane Bradin of Jackson County, West Virginia locating in Wood County, same state, where he lost all his possessions by fire. Of this union, one son, Harry Ellsworth, was born March 18, 1886.

His second wife was Louisa, the daughter of George and Martha (Harwood) Hamilton and grand-daughter of Robert and Mary (Willison) Hamilton and of John and Polly (Hamilton) Harwood, all of Allegheny County, Maryland.

In 1890 Mr. McCurdy located near Dunbar, Pennsylvania where on July 15, 1890 two children (twins) were born to them, both dying within a year. George Amelian died March 7, 1891; Lurelian Akevia died October 7, 1890. Mrs. McCurdy being in poor health they took a traveling tour through the mountain districts of North and South Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky and Tennessee, finally locating in Rutherford, N. C. where Mr. McCurdy engaged in farming but in 1900 they returned to Maryland and located near the town of Westernport, his present residence.

In 1902 he engaged with E. G. Nefilen as clerk in the hardware trade at Piedmont, West Virginia, resigning in 1907 to attend to other pressing duties. They have one child, Maggie Ola born December 7, 1902.

In the preparation of this history Mr. McCurdy has shown rare patience, persistency and skill in correspondence which has extended over several years to all parts of the world in gathering of the voluminous data herein presented. The unraveling of genealogical tangles, the ferreting out of connecting lineages and the sifting and arranging of so much information necessitated some rare qualities of the mind. For all this labor of love, every bearer of the McCurdy name is truly grateful. The above sketch was written by Dr. Charles W. McCurdy of Philadelphia.

10. Ulysses Grant McCurdy born June 18, 1864, died in 1865.

11. Aaron Douglas McCurdy born in Marietta, Ohio August 31, 1865, married Clara Medley of Stockport, Ohio and they had eight children:


a. The first one died at birth. b. Goldie May born September 2, 1893. c. Pearl Lewis born November 7, 1895. d. Lawrence Dean born April 25, 1898. e. Walter - date of birth not given. f. Freda S. born July 12, 1906. Two others died at birth.

12. George Washington McCurdy born Jun 1866 and died the latter part of 1867.

Lost in the Wilderness

An Incident In The Life of Aaron McCurdy

When Mr. McCurdy lived in Wirt County deer were quite numerous in that and adjoining counties and one day while hunting he struck a trail, followed it for several miles through the wilderness when there appeared indications of a heavy snowstorm. Just then he saw a large buck which sighted him and took flight but he pursued him. Before he realized the fact the snow was falling fast so he abandoned the search and tried to retrace his steps but the blinding snow filled his tracks and he became lost in the wilderness and sought shelter under an overhanging rock and there he remained until late afternoon. There being no lull in the storm he again tried to find his way out of the wilderness. He finally entered a ravine which he followed a short distance and came to a large rock under which appeared a cavern-like entrance.

Realizing he could not proceed much farther that day he entered and found it led but a few feet, the ground being dry and covered with leaves, he gathered some brush and such dry wood as he could find. He started a fire near the opening and after consigning himself to God, sought rest in sleep.

Next morning when he awoke the storm had ceased but the sky was cloudy and he was at a loss which course to pursue but went down the ravine and finally came to a small creek which he followed thinking it might lead to some settlement. He traveled along this creek until toward evening when he left it and ascended a high elevation of land, expecting to discover some settlement. Reaching the top he could see for miles over the wilderness but no signs of any habitation could be discovered. Descending the opposite side of the hill he came to another creek and traveled toward its source. Once, while crossing the creek, his foot slipped, he fell into the water, at the same instant, the stopper fell from his powder horn which soon filled with water, destroying its contents.

Recovering his gun, which also filled with water, which dampened the powder therein and made it useless, he crossed to the opposite bank and continued up the creek and as night approached he heard gunshots but he could not locate from whence the sounds came. Changing his course, he was surprised to find he had returned to the rock he had left that morning. There again he spent the night but not as comfortable, his powder being wet, tired with the days travel and hungry, he laid again on his bed of leaves and soon fell asleep. He did not awake until the sun was well up in the heavens. When he attempted to rise he discovered his feet were frozen and perfectly numb. Working with them for some time, pounding, rubbing and twisting them to get the blood in circulation, he was at last able to stand.

Again leaving his dreary cave, as he termed it, he started once more to find his way home. Traveling due west he came to a small stream into which he entered, the water soothed his feet but he could not proceed far at a time. The day was clear and late in the afternoon he ascended a high knoll to locate himself. Standing against a tree he saw a horseman riding in his direction; calling with all his might he was heard and the man rode up to him and fired his gun. Soon, other shots were heard and the truth soon flashed upon Mr. McCurdy that these were the signals of his discovery. When the man, whose name was Leman, dismounted, Mr. McCurdy took a step toward him and fell at his feet. His feet had frozen again.

The man raised him and placed him on the horse and then stated that about forty men were in search of him. He said that the day before no trail nor clue of his whereabouts could be discovered although they had searched from daylight until dark. He also said when the search began that morning no guns were to be fired upon any occasion unless he was found. Then when the first shot was fired those within hearing was to fire to let those at a distance know Mr. McCurdy was found.

When Mr. McCurdy was found he was about ten miles from his home. A few hours later he arrived at his home and found his wife nearly frantic with grief.

For three weeks his feet were in horrible condition and were wrapped continually in cotton but he could not stand on his feet for two months.

That country now has been cleared and the once great wilderness has disappeared and in its stead are found farms and villages. But the rock under which Mr. McCurdy passed two nights is known to this day as "McCurdy's Rock."


Abel McCurdy, the youngest son of John and Elizabeth (McBride) McCurdy was born in Ontario County, New York in 1769. He married Mary France in 1812 and located on a tract of land in Ohio near Tippercanoe. He was killed in 1833 by a team of horses running away as he was hauling a load of pumpkins to town. His children were: John; Aaron; William; James; Simon P.; Eliza; Cyrus.

John McCurdy's Family

John McCurdy, the eldest son of Abel's was born in 1814. He married Isabel McGrew and located in Monroe County, Ohio. They had a son James. Isabel died January 19, 1850.

John's second wife was Rebecca D. Oliver. They had two daughters: Caroline born August 23, 1853, died in girlhood; Isabel born December 28, 1856, married George Moran and has five children: John W. born 1887; Charles C. born 1888; George H. born 1891; James McC. born 1893; Harry W; born 1898. The family lives in Wellsburg, West Virginia.

James W. McCurdy (s/o John & Isabel) was born in 1841. He enlisted as a private in the 69th Reg., O.V.I. in 1861, served through the war and was honorably discharged. He died, unmarried, in 1905.

Aaron McCurdy's Family

Aaron McCurdy was born in Monroe County, Ohio, January 6, 1817. He died December 9, 1903. He married Sarah Moores and lived the greater part of his life in Monroe and Washington counties but in 1881 he moved to Paulding County, Ohio where he lived until his death. His family consisted of six children: Rachel; John W.; Mary; Martha A.; Shannon L.; Cynthia E.

The Kinkade Family

1. Rachel McCurdy (d/o Aaron & Sarah) was born September 27, 1845. She married Arunnah Kinkade of Monroe County, Ohio and they had five children as follows: a. Florence Kinkade born 1864, died 1895. She married Newton Shineberry and had five children: James A. born 1884; Henry L. born 1886; Rachel born 1889; Charles C. born 1894; Esley born 1898, died 1899. b. Lourilla Kinkade born 1866. She married Samuel Blythe and had four children: Oscar born 1892; Arona born 1895; Grace born 1898; James born 1902. c. Charles A. Kinkade born 1868. He married Laura Tucker and had two children: Orville born 1892; Grace born 1894. Charles died at Grover Hill, Ohio in 1894. d. Addie Kinkade born 1870. She married James Bodkins and had eight children: Fred E.; Charles E.; Mary Ester, died in 1898; Laura; Ruth; Catherine; Ella; James. e. Ella Kinkade born 1872. She married Alta McClure and had four children: Agnes; Thomas; John; Beatrice. f. Belle Kinkade born 1875. Unmarried. g. Daisy Kinkade born 1877. She married Robert McElianey but has no children. h. Otha A. Kinkade born 1880. Unmarried. i. Laura A. Kinkade born 1884. She married Wilson McDonald and has a son Floyd B.

2. John W. McCurdy (s/o Aaron & Sarah) born November 2, 1846. He married ------ McCauley and lives at Whipple, Ohio. Their seven children were: a. Charles E. McCurdy born 1871; married Eva Conrath and has one child, Francis E. The family lives in Terre Haute, Indiana. b. John L. McCurdy born 1873; married Mary Bellville and have three children: Blanche; Roxie; Margaret. c. Berthe B. McCurdy born 1875; married H. W. Winland and have two children: Warren; Goldie. d. Dr. Edward McCurdy born 1878; unmarried. e. Prof. Thomas C. McCurdy born 1880; unmarried. f. Myrtle M. McCurdy born 1883; unmarried. g. Harry S. McCurdy born 1890; unmarried. These four still live at home in Whipple, Ohio.

The Ewing Family

3. Mary A. McCurdy (d/o Aaron & Sarah) born 1848. She married James B. Ewing and had twelve children: a. Caleb W. Ewing born 1868; married Mary L. Nofunger and had six children: Opal A. born 1893; Mary H. born 1895, lived four days; Clarence J. born 1896; Susan O. born 1899; Laura E. born 1901; Guy C. born 1904. The family lives in Grover Hill, Ohio. b. John W. Ewing born 1869; married Alice Welsh and had five children: Rheo born 1896; Harold born 1898; Flovell born 1900; Thelma born 1903; Mildred born 1906. c. Rebecca A. Ewing born 1871; married Joseph Sutton and has one son, Lawrence. d. Sarah J. Ewing born 1873; married William C. Parks and had eight children: Adda R.; James W.; Mary H.; Almira M.; Dewey M.; Ora E. died in childhood; Theodosia O. born 1906. e. David E. Ewing born 1882; unmarried. f. Shannon M. Ewing 1877; he is unmarried. g. Eliza A. Ewing born 1878; married Irvin Clinger and has three children: Loren; Orvel E.; Dorothia. h. Tillie E. Ewing born 1880; married Frank Rosset and has one daughter, Virgil. i. Aaron D. Ewing born 1881; unmarried. j. James W. Ewing born 1884; married Stella Adams of Marietta, Ohio.

4. Martha A. McCurdy (d/o Aaron & Sarah)was born in 1849. She died, unmarried in 1891.

5. Shannon McCurdy (s/o Aaron & Sarah) was born in Monroe County, Ohio August 19, 1856. Ten years later his father moved to Noble County and two years later to Wingett Run in Washington County, Ohio. In 1873 he began teaching school and taught for ten successive years. He married Minera J. Adams and lives at Wingett Run where he is engaged in the merchandise business. His nine children are as follows: a. Louisa D. born 1881; married Lycurges Hall and has one daughter, Edith Louise. b. Lorenna O. born 1881; married Lewis H. Reimenschneider and has one son, Harry Edward. c. Sarah E. born 1883. d. Florence B. born 1884. e. Clarence W. born 1886; married Minnie Knocks. f. Mary L. born 1888. g. Roy C. born 1891. h. Harry C. born 1900.

6. Cynthia E. McCurdy (d/o Aaron & Sarah) born in 1864 and died, unmarried in 1884.

3. William McCurdy (s/o Abel & Mary) was born in 1819. He went west but what became of him is unknown as he was never heard of thereafter.

4. Isaac McCurdy (s/o Abel & Mary) was born March 6, 1821. He married Rachel Morris and they had four daughters: Eliza Jane; Sarah Ann; Mary E.; Lidda E. The latter two died in infancy. Rachel died in 1852. Isaac then married Christena Bowers by whom two daughters were born; Mary M. who died in 1853; Martha M. Isaac enlisted in the army March 1, 1865 and he died March 24th by eating a poisoned pie given him, with the rest of his company, by the Confederate people. His widow lives with her daughter, Mrs. Martha Hall near Guthrie, Oklahoma.

The Cusick Family

Eliza Jane McCurdy (d/o Isaac & Rachel) was born February 27, 1846. She married Jacob Cusick of Wellsburg, West Virginia and they had thirteen children: a. Sarah T. Cusick born December 10, 1866; married Charles Mendell who died in 1908 at the age of 40 years. They had no children. b. Marvin McC. Cusick born 1868; died, unmarried in 1888. c. Cora J. Cusick born 1870; married Robert Johnson and had eight children: Lydia M.; Charles E.; John M.; Edna B.; Robert T.; Roland; Edith W.; Henry A. d. Isaac F. Cusick born 1871; died April 18, 1876. e. Charles E. Cusick born 1872; married Callie Autel and had three children: Margaret; Hazel G.; Paul. f. Josiah Cusick born 1874; married J---- M. Tabor and had five children: Edith M.; Mendell E.; Bernice; Martha E.; Dean E. g. Frederick Cusick born 1876; married Carrie R. Schoonover and had six children: Leila V.; Norma L. V.; Florence M.; Frederick G. who died in infancy; Walter D.; Carrie W. h. Georgia M. Cusick born 1878; married William McKinley and had three children: Isaac S.; Georgia M.; Elsie J. i. Edith E. Cusick born 1880; married William Brandpass and had three children: William D.; Carl S. died in infancy; Esler E. j. Laura B. Cusick born 1882; married Sylvester Grimm and has one son, Clarence E. k. William J. Cusick born 1884; unmarried. l. one child, died in infancy.

Sarah A. McCurdy (d/o Isaac & Rachel) born 1848; married Josiah Cusick, the brother of Joseph Cusick and they had six children as follows: a. Eliza Cusick born 1869; married Walter Scott and has five children: Drexel L; Earl T.; Harry J.; Walter P.; Wilfred. b. Sarah L. Cusick born 1872; married Charles Patterson and has five children: Charles E.; Mabel M.; Sarah H.; Edith A.; Campbell L. c. Leonora Cusick born 1874; married Glenn B. Conaway and has two children: Paul L.; Ruth A. d. Herbert D. Cusick born 1877; unmarried. e. Mary A. Cusick born 1880; died in 1897. f. Westley R. Cusick born 1885; unmarried. The most of the Cusick families lives in Wellsburgh, West Virginia.

Martha M. McCurdy (d/o Isaac & Christena) was born in 1853. She married Guy B. Hall and lives near Guthrie, Oklahoma. They have seven children: Ethel L. born 1882; Inis Belle born 1884; Lula G. born 1887; Leora born 1890; Erma born 1892; Leroy B. born 1898; Kenneth R. born 1901.

5. Simon Peter McCurdy (s/o Abel & Mary) was born in 1823 and died in 1893. He married Mary Bowers of Bowerstown, Ohio and they had ten children: Martha M.; John N.; Mary A.; William D.; Albert M.; Stewart L.; James S.; Elizabeth J.; Oscar S.; Charles A.

The McClellan Family

1. Martha M. McCurdy (d/o Simon P. & Mary) born October 29, 1849 married William McClellan and lives in Urichsville, Ohio. The had eight children as follows: a. Jennie D. McClellan born 1867; married Charles H. Coleman and has one son, Harry V. who is unmarried and lives in El Paso, Texas. b. Verne A. McClellan born 1872; married Dora Sephena and has one child, Helen M. c. Martha McClellan born 1879; married Roy R. Yearsley and lives in Loganport, Indiana. Their children are: Margaret; Paulina; James. d. Ina B. McClellan born 1882; married Luther Martin and has two daughters: Esther; Mildred M. They live in Masslin, Ohio. e. Stewart L. McClellan born 1890. f. Walter E. McClellan born 1899.

2. Mary A. McCurdy (d/o Simon P. & Mary) born 1853; married William Stirling and has two children: May; Annie.

3. William David McCurdy (s/o Simon P. & Mary) born November 2, 1853. By occupation is a metal worker and has followed this trade many years. He has traveled extensively through the States, Canada and Mexico. For a number of years he has resided in San Francisco, California. He is the inventor and patentee of a Trail Joint; also the author of a valuable little book on health, entitled Eating To Live. He is unmarried and has an interest in a gold mine in Siskiyou County, California.

4. Albert M. McCurdy (s/o Simon P. & Mary) born 1856; married and lives in Canton, Ohio. He has no children.

5. Dr. Stewart L. McCurdy (s/o Simon P. & Mary) born 1859; married and lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He has no children.

6. James S. McCurdy (s/o Simon P. & Mary) born 1860; married a Blythe and has three children.

7. Elizabeth McCurdy (d/o Simon P. & Mary) born 1864; married Elmer R. Billings and has two children: Irma M.; Wilbur.

8. Oscar S. McCurdy (s/o Simon P. & Mary) born 1869; married Lillian McLaughlin and lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His children are: Ralph L; Stewart L.

Eliza McCurdy (d/o Abel & Mary) was born in 1825. She married John Gray and they had four children: James; John; Abel; Mary. Nothing is known concerning the families of these children.

Cyrus McCurdy (s/o Abel & Mary) was born in 1827. He married Polly Bowers and they had four sons: Abel; John; James; David. Nothing is known of their families.

Other Descendants of David McCurdy

Since the first sections of this history went to press other descendants of David McCurdy has been discovered as follows:

James McCurdy's Family

James McCurdy, the eldest son of David's, was born in Maine about 1798. When but a young man he went to Pennsylvania and there married Elizabeth Taylor and located in Path Valley but in 1822 he removed to Richland County, Ohio. The following spring he removed to Crawford County, Ohio and settled on a homestead. He died in 1833. His wife died in 1873. Their children were: a. William McCurdy married Zilpha Mathews and lived on part of the homestead in Ohio. They had six children: Washington; Elisha; James N.; Thomas; Donald; Sarah. b. & c. James & Thomas McCurdy went to Kansas about 1840 and married there. Some of their children are located near Williamsburg, Kansas, among them were John; Nancy; Jane. d. Nancy McCurdy married Sidney Smith and moved to Ellenswood, Illinois where Mr. Smith died. His widow married Mr. German who died in the 60's. Nancy died in Keithsburg, Minnesota in 1876. There were no children. e. Jane McCurdy married J. S. Sweney who went from Pennsylvania. They had seven children: James A.; Newton; William; Thomas;; Sidney; two girls who died in early womanhood. f. John McCurdy was born in Richland County, Ohio August 11, 1822. He married about 1860 and to them one child was born but wife and child both died before the Civil War. In 1864 he married Catherine (Bowerman) McIntyre, a widow, who died in 1906. To them three children were born: Albert J. born 1866, died 1890; James F. born 1868; Sidney born 1871. James F. Started west in 1893 and after marrying and spending ten years in southwest Iowa removed to the Yakima Valley in Washington. He is a grower and shipper of choice Washington fruits and resides near Tuppenish, Washington.

John McCurdy, the second son of David's, was born in Maine about 1799. He married a Miss Hyman and located in St. John, New Brunswick. Among their children were: John B. James; Daniel; Thomas. John B. McCurdy was born in St. John but went to San Francisco, California where he married and located. Four daughters and one son, Thomas E., were born to them. The latter lives in San Francisco. James F. McCurdy was born in St. John. To whom he married or where, is not stated but he has a son, D. F. McCurdy, living in San Luis Obispo, California.


Daniel McCurdy, the third son of John and grandson of David and Elizabeth (Chandler) McCurdy was born in St. John, New Brunswick. He married Hannah Fields of Stillwater, Maine and there located. Their children were: Andrew C.; Alice M.; Frank M.; Bertram D.; Fred A.; George F.; Walter D.; Emma F. Daniel enlisted in the army as a private in 1863 in the First Maine Heavy Artillery and was killed in battle in front of Petersburg, Virginia June 18, 1864. His wife died March 10, 1890. a. Andrew C. McCurdy was born March 31, 1843. When but a boy he left home and went to sea. In following his sea life he visited all parts of the world and studied the customs of the people of the South Sea Islands and foreign countries. When the Civil War broke out he was First Mate of a ship then ready to leave England for America. On arriving home he enlisted as a private in the First Maine Heavy Artillery, Co. M. On May 25, 1865 he received his commission from Gov. Cory as 2nd lieutenant of his company. He was honorably discharged September 10, 1865. He married Sarah M. Spencer at Stillwater, Maine where he located. In 1884 he moved to Bay City, Michigan and later to Alameda, California. He died April 9, 1899. His wife still lives in Alameda. Their children were as follows: J--- A. born March 10, 1868 married Fred S. Sprague and has three children: Fred B. born 1891; Harold G. born 1894; Frank W. born 1896. Barry Spencer born June 4, 1874 married Minnie Hermia Danly of Alameda, California and they have two children: Ruth Helen born September 24, 1900; Malcolm Andrew born March 22, 1902. By occupation Mr. McCurdy is an undertaker and lives in San Francisco, California. Alice M. born May 20, 1877, died the following year.

b. Frank F. McCurdy born March 17, 1848, died in 1906.

c. Bertram D. McCurdy born February 23, 1850 lived a month.

d. Fred A. McCurdy born January 22, 1852 married Rachel A. Walton of Lawrence, Kansas and they had six children: Clemmie R. born 1880, died 1889; Fred A. born 1882, died 1885; Nicholas G. born 1886; Helen A. born 1887; Emma B. born 1889; Joseph F. born 1900.

e. George F. McCurdy born January 25, 1854 married Jasphene Richards of Lawrence, Kansas and had three children: Howard B. born 1894; Mary H. born 1886; Raymond D. born 1900.

f. Walter D. McCurdy born June 27, 1857 married Kate M. McArthur of Lawrence, Kansas and had five children: Arthur Andrew born 1886; Glen Walter born 1890; Margaret Catherine born 1894; Hazel Mildred born 1897; Laura Ethel born 1901.

g. Emma F. McCurdy born October 16, 1861 married Lute N. Sabin and had five children: Frank; Emma; Florence; Lute; Omega.


Part Two

Daniel McCurdy's Family

Daniel McCurdy, the youngest son of Pethrick McCurdy's was born near Ballintoy, County Antrim, Ireland in 1677. he married Margaret Laughlin and located on Rathlin Island six miles north of the north coast of Ireland. Six children were born to them: Patrick; Daniel; Neil; Margaret; James; Cecelia.

Patrick McCurdy was born in Rathlin, Ireland in 1700. He married his cousin Mary Laughlin and they had five children: Archibald; John; Neil; Daniel; Lucretia.

John McCurdy was born in 1735 and married Margaret Black and they had two children: John; Cecelia. Cecelia married John McCurdy, the son of Neil and Jane McCurdy and had one son, John. John went to America with his cousin, Neil and after living in New York and Georgia, finally located in Richmond, Virginia where both went into business together. John died in New York while on a business trip to that city.

Daniel McCurdy was born about 1795. He married Catherine Black and they had two sons: Archibald; Charles. Charles was born in Ireland and married Margaret Black and they had five children born to them: Neil; Alexander; Daniel; Margaret; Mary. Nothing is known of these children except Neil who married Jane Wilkinson and had a son, John. John N., who married Eliza Lynch, lives in Lubec, Maine.

Archibald McCurdy, the son of Daniel and the grandson of John and Cecelia (McCurdy) McCurdy married a Miss McQuaid in Rathlin and his son Patrick married Margaret McCurdy and came to America and located in St. John, New Brunswick. About 1867 he removed to Lubec, Maine and later to Lawrence, Kansas. Their children were: John; James; Catherine; Peter A.; Daniel; Mary.

John McCurdy married Mary Morrison and they had five children: Peter born 1859, died unmarried; Mary born 1861; James T. born 1863 married Elizabeth Murray but had no children; Margaret born 1865; John P. born 1867 married Katherine Durgan and had four sons: George; Arthur; Warren; James.

Mary McCurdy married a Wallace and lives in Chicago. Their children are: Ivern; Harold; Albert; Mary.

James T. McCurdy married Bridget Murphy and had six children: John J. married a Miss McBride and lives in Lincoln, Nebraska; Margaret died unmarried; James T. Jr.; Catherine; Mary; Agnes. The latter four lives in Good Pasture, Colorado.

Catherine McCurdy married John Carr and lives in Chicago. They have no children.

Peter A. McCurdy married Ellen Mahar and located in Pueblo, Colorado where both died. Their children were: Andrew; Helen; Peter. Andrew and Helen lives in Lawrence, Kansas and Peter lives in Cripple Creek, Colorado.

Daniel McCurdy married Mary Thayer in Boston, Massachusetts but they had no children. His wife died and he married again but without issue.

John McCurdy, the only son of John and Mary (Black) was born in 1750. He married Mary Fox, a lady in England but located in Ireland. They had four children: James; John; Hugh; Mary. The latter two died unmarried in Rathlin, Ireland.

The African Branches

James McCurdy was born in 1774. He, with his brother John were in the Coast Guards of Ireland. (For John's descendants see page --.) James went to Mauritius Island where he located. In a letter from James McCurdy of Mauritius in 1909, he says, " My grandfather, James McCurdy was born in Ireland in 1774. He and his brother John joined the British Army when young men. They were sent to Cape of Good Hope in 1801. John was left on the Guinea Coast in Africa in a fort and James was sent with Gen. Willoughby into the Indian Ocean. On the third of December 1801, Mauritius being in the possession of the French, Gen. Charles de- Cear, the last French governor, surrendered the island to Gen. Willoughby. M. McCurdy remained in the island and in 1822 he married Maria la Touilee, a great-granddaughter of Gen. Duisngnet la Touliee, the first French governor of the island. My grandfather had three children: Thomas; James; Leila. Thomas married Eliza Nelson and they had six children: Annett; Gladys; Marie; Peter; Mary; Treophey. They are all dead but Leila who married Pierre Mil-martin and has six children. My father, James McCurdy, was born in 1827. He married Marie Moroto and they had five children: Hazel; Marie; John; Elizabeth; James. He died in 1890. Hazel, John and Marie died. I was born in 1849. I married Nellie Nelson and have three daughters: Mary; Gladys; Miley. I am a farmer by occupation. I own a large farm in the district of Pamplemouses, raising principally sugar cane, aloe fibre; oranges, coffee and coconuts. I have relatives in South Africa but I have never seen them."

Archibald McCurdy's Branch

Archibald McCurdy, the son of Patrick and Mary (Laughlin) was born about 1722. He married Mary Morrison and they had a son Archibald who married Mary Black and located in Ballintoy, Ireland. They had three children: Neil; Mary; Elizabeth. Neil McCurdy was born in 1785 and died in 1869. Neil came to this country with his cousin, John McCurdy and both went into business together in Richmond, Virginia. John died in New York City. Neil married Teresa Williams of Richmond and they had five children: Mary E.; Archibald; John; Thomas; Peter.

Mary E. McCurdy - d/o Neil and Teresa (Williams) was born in 1825 and married Edwin A. Smith and had eight children: Herbert who died in San Francisco; Frank L. died unmarried; Mary; Lillie S.; Mattie died; Elizabeth; Nellie who married H. D. Wilkinson and has two children: Frank and Marie.

Archibald McCurdy - s/o Neil and Teresa (Williams) was born in 1829 and died in 1868. He married Elizabeth Brown and they had three children: Catherine; Richard; Hugh A. Hugh married Margaret Stratton and has one child, Ethel, who married P. B. Bostic and has a daughter Margaret. They live in Muskogee, Oklahoma. Hugh is in the real estate business in Richmond.

John McCurdy - s/o Neil and Teresa (Williams) was born in 1832 and died unmarried.

Thomas McCurdy - s/o Neil and Teresa (Williams) was born in 1835. He married Martha Winslow and they had three children: Dr. Neil A. McCurdy, who married Virgil Newton and has four children: Farragut; George; Neil A.; Virginia C.; Carrie W. McCurdy - d/o Thomas and Martha (Winslow) married George P. Rutledge and lives in Philadelphia and has three girls: Frances; Pauline; Carrie. Paul H. McCurdy died young.

Peter McCurdy - s/o Neil and Teresa (Williams) was born in 1838. He married Frances McCurdy and had two children: Robert N. and Fannie, who married Summerfield Talman.

Mary McCurdy - d/o Archibald and Mary (Black) was born in Ballintoy, Ireland in 1787. She married Daniel McCurdy and they had a son Neil who married Mabel Black. They had children among whom were Esther and Annie. Esther married Donald McCurdy, the son of Alexander and the grandson of Samuel, he the grandson of James and Jerush McCurdy.

Alexander McCurdy married Peggy Weir and had five children: Donald; Angus; John; Belle; Rose. The children of Donald's were: Alexander; Donald; Agnes; John; Neil; Mary; Betty; Margaret. The first three died unmarried. Neil came to New York and married Kate Gallagher and had four children: Edward; Daniel; Mary; Margaret. Mary married Patrick McKinley and they had five children: Patrick; Alexander is dead; Daniel; James; John. All are living in Rathlin.

Belle McCurdy - d/o Alexander and Peggy (Weir) married John McCurdy and they had two children: Esther and John. Esther married Joseph McQuilken and has four children: Belle; Esther; Mary; John; all living in Rathlin Island.

Descendants of Neil McCurdy

Neil McCurdy, the son of Patrick, was born in 1726. He married Jane, the daughter of Andrew and Mary (McGill) McCurdy and they had four sons: Archibald; Neil; John; Samuel.

Archibald McCurdy (s/o Neil & Jane) was born about 1758. He married Mary McCurdy and among their children were: Peter; Daniel; Elizabeth. Daniel was born in 1802 and married Ellen Chambers and they had two sons: Daniel E. born at Port of Spain; and George born in Charlestown, Massachusetts. They both live in Chicago.

Neil McCurdy (s/o Neil & Jane) was born in 1760. He married Jane Black and they had three sons: James; Daniel; John. James married Elizabeth Black and his son John married Katherine Black and they had five children: James B.; John L.; Daniel; Neil; Jane. James and John, unmarried, lives at Lubec, Maine. Jane married Duncan McCurdy and had four children: Mary; Ann; Daniel; James. The latter married Cassie Black but has no children.

Descendants of Daniel McCurdy

Daniel McCurdy, the youngest son of Patrick's was born in 1730. He married Mary Butler and they had six children. 1. John the eldest son, was born in 1767. He married Margaret Black and they had five children: James; Laughlin; Margaret; Katherine; Mary. James McCurdy (s/o John & Margaret) was born in 1797. He married Mary Morrison and they had five children: John W.; Laughlin; Katherine; Margaret; Mary. John W. McCurdy (s/o James & Mary) was born in 1834. He married Katherine Lynch and has seven children: Katherine A. born in 1872; Margaret A. born in 1874, married Jerry Crowley; Mary F. born in 1876; Laughlin T. and Annie, twins, born in 1878, Annie married John Morrison and has one son, Linus; John F. born in 1880; Frank born in 1884.

Laughlin L. McCurdy (s/o James & Mary) was born in 1837. He died, unmarried in Lubec, Maine in 1909.

Katherine McCurdy (d/o James & Mary) was born in 1838. She married Edward Gargan but has no children.

Margaret McCurdy (d/o James & Mary) married Philip Carney and had five children: James, born and died in 1872; John born 1874; Mary born 1877; Katherine born in 1878; Philip born 1880. John Carney married Yvonne Des Rosiers and has seven children: Harold P.; John L.; Charles W.; James; Margaret; Ruth; Frank. The family lives in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Mary A. McCurdy (d/o James & Mary) was born in 1843 and died unmarried.

2. Laughlin McCurdy was born in 17--. He married Mary McCurdy and they had five children: John; Samuel; Mary; Margaret; James. John McCurdy.

John McCurdy was born in 1836. He married Ann Feeley and they had six children as follows: John born 1859 married ---- McLaughlin and they had: Albert; John; Annie; three others; Mary born 1860 married Sylvanus Bonus and had: William John; Annie; Sylvester; George; Charles; Sylvanus. They live in Providence, Rhode Island; Margaret born 1864 and Katherine born 1865, both died young; James born 1867 married twice, his first wife died then he married Jennie Peg and has one child, Irving;

Samuel McCurdy was born in 1838. He married Mary Kelly but they have no children.

Mary McCurdy was born 1840. She married David Harrington and has one daughter, Nellie, who is married and lives in Medford, Massachusetts.

Margaret McCurdy was born in 1842. She married Patrick Murphy and has three children: Margaret; John; Mary.

3. Margaret McCurdy was born in 1801. She married Patrick McCurdy, the son of Archibald McCurdy; their descendants are on page --.

4. Katherine McCurdy was born in 1803. She married Alexander Fraser and they had five children: James; Margaret; Alexander; John; Sarah.

James Fraser married Katherine Desmond and their children were: John; Mary; James; Agnes; Johanna; Sarah; Alexander; Margaret.

Margaret Fraser married ---- Hibbard. Her second husband was --- - O'Keefe.

Sarah Fraser married Onan Rice.

5. Mary McCurdy was born in 1805 and died young.

The descendants of Alexander McCurdy and John McCurdy, the two youngest sons of Daniel and Mary (Butler) McCurdy are unknown.


Laughlin McCurdy, the second son of Daniel and Mary (Butler) McCurdy was born in 1769. He married Nancy Wilkinson in Rathlin and they had fourteen children: Alexander; Laughlin; Neil; John; Katherine; Daniel; Nancy; Annie; Margaret; Mary; Rose; and three died in infancy.

Alexander McCurdy was born in 1795. He married Cecelia McCurdy and they had two children: John born in 1832; Mary born 1834.

John McCurdy married a Miss Christy and their only son, Michael, born 1857, married Nancy Horan and they have four children: Mary; Ellen; Margaret; Cecelia. They live in Lubec, Maine.

Laughlin McCurdy was born in 1798. He married Margaret Laman and they had eight children: Daniel; Alexander; John; Dennis; Kate; Mary; Jennie; Annie. The latter four died unmarried. Daniel was born in 18-- and married Nora Connor and has four children. Alexander was killed. John married Bridget Woods and has five children: Annie; Margaret; Thomas; Katherine; Bridget. They live in San Francisco, California. Margaret was born in 1810 and married Neil Black and they had five children: Rose; Nancy; Mary; Laughlin; Neil. Mary was born in 1812 and married Patrick Shields. Daniel was born in 1815 and married Margaret Black and they had three children: John; Mary; Ann. John and ann are unmarried and live in Lubec, Maine. Mary (d/o Daniel & Margaret) married ---- Ahern but soon died, in 1875, without issue.

Neil McCurdy was born in 18--. He married in Ireland but his descendants are unknown.

James McCurdy, the third son of Daniel and Mary (Butler) was born in 1770. He lived to be quite old but never married.

Margaret McCurdy was born in 1772. She married Archibald McCurdy, the son of John and Cecelia. Their descendants are found on page --.

Katherine McCurdy married ---- Black and her sister Rose married Edward Horan in Rathlin but their descendants are not given.


James McCurdy, the youngest son of Daniel and Margaret (Laughlin) was born about 1706. He married Polly Cook and came to America, probably about 1720. He first located on James River, Virginia but about 1730 he removed to Pennsylvania. He had four sons: Archibald; James; Hugh; Robert.

Archibald died in 1795. He married Hannah Watson and they had four children: Archibald, Jr. who married and had issue of daughters; John A.; James W.; Mary, who married a Thompson.

John Adams McCurdy (s/o Archibald & Hannah) removed to Virginia in 1840. He married Jane Brisben and had three children: James died unmarried in 1895; Franklin died in Mexico; Sarah.

James W. McCurdy (s/o Archibald & Hannah) married Agnes Waggoner and had five children: William married and had one son, James W. who went to California and died there in 1890, unmarried; John died in 1881, he had two daughters, Mary A. and Eleanor. He owned the "Mountain View House" near Charlestown, West Virginia; Charles W. died in 1871. His only daughter, Elizabeth married Major J. H. Kelley but had no children.

James McCurdy, the second son of James and Polly was married in Franklin County, Pennsylvania and his son, Elder James, married Mary Brown and they had five children: Annie; Margaret; Elder James; Jane; Elder Stephen O. married and had three sons, James; John A.; Rev. Oliver Brown. All are of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Hugh McCurdy, the third son of James and Polly died unmarried in Franklin County, Pennsylvania.

Robert McCurdy, the youngest son of James and Polly married in Adams County, Pennsylvania. His sons were: William; Robert; James. William married Nancy King and had two sons, Dr. John of Reading, Pennsylvania and Robert who died in 1885. The latter had a son Charles living in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Robert went to Ohio but nothing further is known.


James McCurdy, the youngest son of Robert's, married and had two sons: John; James. Both of them went to New Albany, Indiana and located but later James removed to Brazil, Indiana. John was born in 1810 and died in 1893. He married Elizabeth Ross of whom eleven children were born, as follows:

1. John P. McCurdy died in 1904. He married Margaret Updegraph and had eight children: Orris died in infancy; Orville died in childhood; Uri B. married Ethel Woodward but has no children; Annie V. married Edward Clark and has three children: Ruth born 1904; Glenelle born 1906; Georgia born 1908. They live in Okmulgee, Oklahoma. Mary C. married Dr. J. A. Stewart had has two children: Margaret born 1897; John born 1899. Hartley U., unmarried, lives in Hutchinson, Kansas. Arletta married Alta M. Poe and has one child, Grace Odessa. George born 1882, died 1897.

2. Clark McCurdy died in 1883. He married Lovah Kutze and had two children.

3. Winfield S. McCurdy died in 1887. He married Leah M. Potette and had three children who live in Ossawatomie, Kansas.

4. William McCurdy died in 1880. His only child, Mary, married ---- Jackson and has two sons: Francis; Arthur.

5. Robert McCurdy died in 1894. He married Katherine Bacon and had two daughters: Margaret; Elizabeth.

6. James M. McCurdy was born in 1846 and died in 1907. He married Ada Emery and had three children: Francis born 1872 is unmarried and lives in New Albany, Indiana. Emery J. born 1874 is unmarried and is president of the McCurdy Manufacturing Company in Louisville, Kentucky. Carter S. born in 1874 and died in 1875.

7. Francis M. McCurdy was born in 1850 and died in 1906. He married Mary E. Miller, the daughter of Jacob E. and Lucy (Stines) Miller and the granddaughter of Abraham and America Stines. They had four children: Wyrtie, unmarried and lives in New Albany, Indiana; Hene married W. L. Glasscock and lives in San Rafael, California; Erwin and Uri B. both unmarried and live in Bloomington, Indiana.

8. John McCurdy - his only living son, David Austin married Florence Furgeson and has two sons: Clinton; Ralph. All live in Redford, Indiana.

9. Laura McCurdy died in 1883. She married Newton Williams and has three children: Charles; Francis; Maud. 10. Susan McCurdy died in 1880. She married Thomas Andrew and had a daughter, Grace.

11. Mary McCurdy married Hugh McCreery and has six children: Margaret; Curtis; Eva; James; William; Annie.

The End

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